A Update 8.03 do VALUING arrived this Wednesday (21) and marked the launch of VCT 2024 Team Capsules and also some adjustments to the Chamber.

Breach receives updated voices and interactions with other agents in VALORANT

The latest VALORANT update brings news for fans of agent Breach. Developer Riot Games announced that new voice lines have been added for the character, as well as specific interactions with agents Deadlock, Gekko and Harbor.

(Photo: Riot Games)

Chamber: Reinforcing the Sentinel role

The update also brings significant changes to Chamber, focused on expanding your ability to hold territory with your unique arsenal of weapons.

The changes aim to give players greater access to the Headhunter (Q) as an economy option or secondary weapon without depleting their economic resources, as well as increasing the effectiveness of the Chamber ultimate compared to the Operator.

Headhunter (Q)

  • Price reduced from 150 to 100

Feat of Strength (X)

  • Fire rate increased from 0.7 to 0.9

SPORTS Feature Update

Team Tabs

You can now purchase packs and support your favorite team directly from Esports Hub.
You can view each Team Capsule Pack on its respective page.


Time Optimization

Load time to the main menu optimized for a smoother transition by removing delays from the flow. This change was implemented in Patch 8.02.

STORE update

Esports Store

The Sports Store is now available! You will now be able to purchase VCT Team Capsules through the Esports Store. Teams will receive 50% of the profits from their respective Capsules. Each capsule contains a Classic, Gun Buddy, Player Card and Spray.



  • Fixed an issue where Agents would appear to have impaired third-person vision for a short period of time if they destroyed Reyna’s Leer (C) immediately after it became targeted.


  • Fixed an issue where, in the endgame summary, kills per round were incorrectly being rounded up.
    Gameplay Systems
  • Fixed an issue in the leaderboard tab with Ultimate Charges being covered by very long usernames.



  • Adjusted the railing on A Elbow to fix an issue when shooting through the top section.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed jumping to the top of the pay phone in A Lobby.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Attackers to break Cypher Traps (C) in B Main from Mid.


  • Fixed an issue in some regions where the Zone displayed in the Classifieds did not match the one selected.
  • With these updates and fixes, the VALORANT gameplay experience continues to evolve, offering players a more balanced and engaging competitive environment.
(Photo: Riot Games)
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