O Barcelonaone of the most popular football teams, announced this Thursday (21) its official entry into the competitive football scene VALUING para 2024 no LVP Rising x MediaMarkt Intel 2024, which represents the Challengers Espanhol.

Although the club has not released details on the team formation or player announcement date, the competition is scheduled to begin on January 15 with a new format. Already there were previous rumors indicating the club’s interest in investing in the VALORANT scene.

About the vice-president to Barcelona FC, Julius Guiuexpressed joy and stated that the organization plans to strengthen its presence in electronic games.

With FC Barcelona’s participation in the LVP VALORANT competition, we have added a new team that will represent the club throughout 2024. The club continues to strengthen its presence in eSports and includes a team in the VALORANT competition, which, together with the team that competes in League of Legends, it’s part of the desire to explore new opportunities and reach new audiences.

For LVP Rising, the competition features a new format with the inclusion of two new teams, the Barça eSports and the FIVE Media Clan. The tournament will follow a regular season and playoffs format. However, in each phase, the two teams that do not qualify for the knockout stages will have to compete in a relegation phase.

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Raquel Ferreira
published in December 21, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-barcelona-anuncia-entrada-no-competitivo

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