The transfer window VALUING It began on September 11th and some movements began to occur. O More Esports also found that the KRÜ are interested in Askia, the information was first given by Flynn. Furthermore, according to leaker Lembo, Shyy should also be in the lineup.

(Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games)

Askia na KRÜ para 2024

KRÜ’s interest began after the end of the 2023 season. Askia carries out some tryouts with the squad. However, the curious thing is that the player who is a professional duelist should not assume the position, since start will remain on the team.

The player was considered an option to act as a sentry, but with the possible signing of Shyy, the player can act as a flex. According to the findings, KRÜ liked the tests it carried out with Askia, but is still indecisive about maintaining Klaussince the Brazilian is a duelist by trade.

The decision should take place this week and the next few days of training will be important for the organization’s final decision. Furthermore, as the leaker previously reported, KRÜ should hire Shyy and mta to replace NagZ e Daveeys (who passed away earlier this month).

If the signings occur, the cast will have the following lineup:

  • Askia
  • Shyy
  • mta
  • start
  • Melser
  • Atom (coach)

Our reporter contacted KRÜ Esports and the organization issued the following position: “For our part, we can say that we are in the testing phase and will test several players.”

VALORANT trajectory in 2023

Finally, Askia is one of the Brazilian players who caught the attention of the community after replacing Havoc in the second stage of Challengers Brasil. As a duelist, he was champion alongside the The Union and participated in the VCT Ascension.

Raquel Ferreira
published in September 26, 2023


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