This Wednesday (20) quotation marks reached a verbal agreement with the Leviathan for the cast of VALUING for 2024, according to the journalist anonymous. The organization did not confirm the information, but Leviatán’s CEO recently published a video that indicated a possible success in the hiring.

Second Flap, VALORANT leaker, there are still more surprises and the contract has not yet been signed. Furthermore, fans were already expecting the player’s arrival in the organization due to the CEO’s movements on social media.

The player also published a photo on social media at the airport, wearing blue clothes. This further increased the signs of the player’s arrival.

Interest in hiring quotation marks

After the announcement of LOUD’s departure, speculation began to emerge. One leaker reported the organization’s interest in signing the Brazilian player.Furthermore, following the news, the CEO of Leviatán, Fernando Diez, confirmed the organization’s proposal to sign the athlete.

The organization’s interest arose after the departure of With Tacol who played the role of duelist in the organization. Leviatán was transparent about its interest in the player and last week he stated via social media that the signing only depended on quotes.

During a live, the CEO detailed some details of the proposal that the team made for the Brazilian player. As part of the profits from t-shirt sales and other perks.

Exit from LOUD

quotes announced through social media the departure of LOUD and availability to listen to new proposals.

However, the The VALORANT star’s departure was motivated by dissatisfaction. A community reacted to the player’s departure and demonstrated that it was not a surpriseas rumors already indicated that he could leave the Brazilian team.

aspas in Leviathan

After receiving proposals from FURIA, NRG, BLEED and other organizations. The Brazilian decided to be alongside Leviatán. If the signing occurs, he will play alongside kiNgg, Shyy, nzr e teeth. It is worth mentioning that the team is also looking for a new coach, after the departure of Honour.

(Photo: Reproduction/Lembo)


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