Controversial, The Last of Us 2 it was one of the most awarded games of 2020 — in addition to being awarded that year’s GOTY trophy. The sequence has a shocking scene in the first moments of the game that divided opinions at the time, but a fan created a mod capable of changing it.

The next few lines may contain heavy spoilers about The Last of Us Part II. If you haven’t played the game yet, we suggest you stop here. Follow at your own risk!

If you’ve made it this far, you know that the shocking scene in question is about the death of a character of extreme importance to the plot. The channel modder Speclizerspecialized in mods for games of all genres, made some changes to this part in question, allowing Ellie to get her revenge much sooner.

The name of the video, which is just over two minutes long, is biased, as it is not possible, in fact, to save the character from his tragic fate. Therefore, this does not change the development of the plot in any way — but it seems to be something quite “pleasurable” to do. Check out:

The mod allows Ellie to intervene in Joel’s death, in that shocking scene where Abby hits the protagonist in the head with a golf club. It is possible to enter the basement of the mansion both from the outside and from the inside and eliminate those involved one by one.

Speaking of alternative scenes…

Speaking of alternate scenes The Last of Us Part II, it’s worth remembering that the PS5 remaster was released last week. One of the version’s differences, certainly, is the content cut from the original game, which gives a little more depth to the sequel. In Lost Stages mode, players can visit parts of the game that have not been completed, with scenes and moments that did not make it into the main narrative.

It’s worth remembering that the title also has a separate list of trophies on PS5 — so if you’re a platinum hunter, this is great news. O Voxel We even prepared a guide with all the locations and combinations of the game’s safes to help you win the mug. Click here if you want to know more!

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