The survival MMO The Day Before, which is considered one of the biggest fiascoes of the year in the gaming world, has been given a date to be closed once and for all. The game servers will officially cease to operate on January 22, 2024.

The statement was published by developer Fntastic on its official profile on the social network X, the former Twitter. In the message, the company still “thanks supporters throughout the journey” and wishes everyone a happy end of the year.

“We extend our gratitude for the community’s support throughout the life of this project. Unfortunately, without a development team, we have no alternative but to close the project,” says the text. As the entire operation of the title is online, this means that The Day Before will be practically unusable within a few weeks.

Interacting with NPCs is a big part of the experience in The Day Before.Fonte:  Fntastic

In addition to the end of activities, the studio guarantees that investor Mytona “is working in collaboration with Steam” to facilitate refunds for all players who purchased The Day Before. Valve’s own digital store will be responsible for refunding the money of those who have not yet received the amount spent.

The short and tragic life of The Day Before

First announced in January 2021, The Day Before was sold as an ambitious project, with quality graphics and complex gameplay. The title would take place in a post-apocalyptic open world, with each player playing the role of a survivor.

Quickly, however, everything started to go wrong. The game’s release in early December yielded a series of negative reviews on Steam. According to players, the finished game was very different from what was promised — and was worse in every aspect, from generic visuals to an empty environment.

Players felt cheated, with the MMO aspects poorly implemented or non-existent and the title coming closer to being an extraction shooter.

According to reviews, The Day Before has an empty and soulless worldAccording to reviews, The Day Before has an empty and soulless worldFonte:  Fntastic

Low sales led Fntastic to announce the closure of the studio days later, as the company would have invested all its efforts in the success of the title. As a result, game keys started to cost more than R$1,000 on auction sites.

Quickly, reports of plagiarism of a promotional video and stories that some of the studio employees responsible for development worked almost voluntarily.


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