If you are one of those who love commanding armies, building cities, or even facing post-apocalyptic challenges, Nuuvem’s offers could be your chance!

Bringing promotions for fans of strategy games, the distributor guaranteed good prices for gamers to increase their collection, with discounts of up to 85% on PC games and an extra 8% discount coupon to enjoy on your purchases.

Among the promotion’s featured games, you’ll find hits like Cult of the Lamb, Frostpunk, Cities: Skylines, This War of Mine e muito maiswith options ranging from creative worlds to dark and realistic universes.

So, don’t waste time and check out a selection of strategy PC games on offer, to enjoy at Nuuvem and guarantee your new adventure with savings:

  • Game Planet Zoo – Deluxe Edition for R$ 32.69
  • Anno 1404 – History Edition game for R$ 13.49
  • Lords and Villeins Bundle game for R$ 29.38
  • Port Royale 3 GOLD game for R$ 35.60
  • Park Beyond – Visioneer Edition game for R$ 178.44
  • Jogo The Great War: Western Front – Victory Edition por R$ 47,39
  • Game Tropico 6 – El Prez Edition for R$ 79.60
  • Jogo Port Royale 3 Gold and Patrician IV Gold – Double Pack por R$ 45,86
  • ANNO 2205 Ultimate Edition game for R$ 37.49
  • Tropico 4 Collector’s Bundle game for R$71.40
  • Game Tropico 3: Gold Edition for R$ 34.50
  • Cult of the Lamb game for R$ 38.97
  • Jogo This War of Mine por R$ 5,54
  • Frostpunk game for R$ 17.79
  • Planet Coaster game for R$ 24.59
  • Cities: Skylines game for R$ 32.39
  • Tropico 6 game for R$ 31.60
  • UNO game for R$ 11.99
  • Game Cities: Skylines II for R$ 179.99
  • Farlanders game for R$ 17.39
  • Aquatico Game for R$ 18.99
  • Jogo We. The Revolution por R$ 11,99
  • Anno 1800 game for R$ 39.99
  • Lords and Villeins game for R$ 25.15
  • Empires of the Undergrowth game for R$45.49
  • Homestead Arcana game for R$ 29.99
  • Jogo Power to the People por R$ 15,94
  • Train Valley 2 game for R$ 10.14
  • Minicology game for R$ 39.94
  • Anno 2205 game for R$ 29.99
  • Patron game for R$ 11.39

Offers are for a limited time. Visit the Nuuvem website now and take advantage of the best offers on PC games!

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/282459-jogos-pc-estrategia-promocao-cupom-nuuvem-8.htm

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