After some time away from the spotlight, South Korean studio Shift Up decided to reveal more news about Stellar Blade (old Project EVE) in State of Play this Wednesday (31). Inspired by great adventures like God of War e NieR, the PS5 exclusive arrives on April 26, 2024.

In the video released at the Sony event, it is possible to see that the hack ‘n’ slash will combine stylish combat with stunning visuals in a very vibrant universe. The game will also feature numerous management options.

Stellar Blade will be released for PS5.

The content portrays the protagonist Eve and the battle against unknown invaders, the NA:teve, to recover the lost Earth after its collapse. The trailer features intense scenes of frantic battles and very well polished graphics, worthy of games of the genre — such as Devil May Cry e NieR.

The new images of Stellar Blade continue to attract a lot of attention due to their visual quality. You can see how impressive and promising the game’s stages will be, which will have huge scenes, full of details and particles that really make a difference in the bold look. Will the final version receive some kind of downgrade at launch?

More details about the PS5 exclusive

Em Stellar Blade players must save the planet from imminent extinction. Earth was devastated by powerful and threatening creatures — soon after being abandoned by humanity itself, which was forced to migrate to a colony in space.

Players will control Eve, a parachutist who left the space colony and returned to Earth with the intention of saving the planet — or at least what was left of it. As the protagonist defeats one by one of the NA:TI, she also pieces together the mysteries of the past, while exploring the ruins of human civilization and realizing that her mission will not be easy at all.

Stellar Blade monsters were created using an artisanal process

Recently, the Shift Up studio also released some images of the NA creation process: I had, the enemies that Eve will face during her journey of Stellar Blade. Creature designers first sculpt characters in clay by hand before converting them for the game, using technologies like high-density 3D scanning — among other techniques.

“Our 3D scanning process ensures that characters in Project EVE explode with distinct realism”, explained the CEO of Shift Up, Hyung-Tae Kim. An artisanal process that, without a doubt, gave the “sauce” to the game’s enemies, right?

Stellar Blade will have a bold look on PS5.Stellar Blade will have a bold look on PS5.

The controversy surrounding Stellar Blade

While the exclusive PS5 game has won many fans, the project has also sparked debate on social media since it was presented. The title from South Korean studio Shift Up is being accused of being “too sexy” in some internet discussions.

The reason for the criticism is the hypersexualization of some characters in the game, especially the protagonist Eve. The warrior was created based on 3D images of South Korean model Shin Jae-eun, who even appeared in a capture video.

The new gameplay video once again featured scenes that highlight the protagonist’s physical attributes, which generated comments and jokes on social media and YouTube. It now remains to wait for the release of the title to see if the gameplay and story of Stellar Blade will gain the public’s attention.

Stellar Blade Price

Sony has not yet revealed the price of Stellar Blade, but the company will officially open pre-orders for the game on February 7th. In addition to having already released the game’s page on the PS Store, the company also indicated in the trailer that the title will receive a physical media version.

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