A Steam is bringing a new wave of free fun for gamers, with a selection of five recently released games which promise entertainment for all tastes. Since nostalgic adventures that rekindle the magic of classic arcadeseven star travel in cosmic mini golf coursesthese games offer a variety of unique experiences.

Players can dive into worlds where creativity and strategy meetwhether exploring a vast universe of martial arts or solving puzzles in unknown dimensions.

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An Arcade Full of Cats

Em An Arcade Full of Cats, we dive into a nostalgic and enchanting adventure that takes us back to the era of arcades, from the 1980s to the beginning of the new millennium. We follow the characters Leo and Fofiño on their mission to find hidden cats in five unique scenarios, each inspired by classic arcade games, but with a charming feline touch.

This title is a tribute to arcades, reimagined with a touch of fun and warmth, offering hours of entertainment in the search for adorable hidden cats and the opportunity to relive the magic of the era in a unique and fun way.

To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.


Em THE MULLER-POWELL PRINCIPLE: Foreword, we are Harry Herman, an employee of the scientific organization Delta Laboratories, involved in studies on dimensional travel. After a project goes wrong, we find ourselves in a research facility in an unknown dimension, with only the words The Muller-Powell Principle remembered.

In this environment, we face the challenge of solving physics-based puzzles and using a unique device — the Portable Energy Manipulator — to interact with different types of energy. This object allows us to absorb heat, blind security cameras, freeze objects and even open portals between worlds.

To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.


Em Milthm, we are invited to a rhythmic and emotional journey, in which each note is a step into a world of dreams and rain. This rhythm title, with its clean and simple interface, reflects the rain theme, immersing players in an enchanting world.

With unique and enjoyable gameplay modifiers, we face challenges that range from automatically restarting when you miss a note to making them disappear as you approach them. Its design is a fusion of musical emotion and narrative, offering a visual and auditory feast where animation and music intertwine to deliver joy.

To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.

Minigolf Galaxy

Em Minigolf Galaxy, we embark on a stellar journey through the universe, creating our own cosmic mini golf courses. It challenges us to engage in fun challenges and use our creativity to design courses that are only limited by our imagination.

With the ability to play in quick sessions with other players around the galaxy, the game offers a unique experience where we can share our creations and challenge others in epic galactic battles. With every shot, we explore unique techniques and discover new ways to score Hole-in-Ones, in an environment where the sky is not the limit, but just the beginning of an intergalactic mini golf adventure.

To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.

Little Shrimp: Legend Reborn

Little Shrimp: Legend Reborn immerses us in a vibrant Wuxia world where adventure and strategy meet in an immersive RPG. In it, we have the freedom to explore the vast world of Jianghu, interacting with hundreds of NPCs, each with their own stories and secrets.

The gameplay is an intriguing mix of exploration and strategy, in which we hone skills and combine different martial arts techniques to face challenges and enemies. The game also stands out for its humor and surprising elements, creating a different and captivating experience.

To redeem it for free, simply access the Steam page and click “Play”.

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