Steam typically receives hundreds of games weekly, including many titles that are 100% free. Last week, for example, over 270 new games arrived at the Valve store, but not all of them ended up gaining public attention.

According to a survey by Ico Partners, of the 272 new games that arrived on Steam during the last week, only 100 received more than 10 player reviews. As a result, several gems end up being lost on the PC platform.

This week, the Steam It’s not a joke and it landed dozens of new games completely free for you to add to your library. From strategic adventures to magical challenges, there’s a new game for every type of player.

Explore chocolate factories in enchanted worlds, command troops on battlefields or uncover mysteries in haunted hospitals. All this without spending a single dollar! Next, check out seven great options to take advantage of right now!

Clothing Store Simulator: Prologue

Are you a fan of Supermarket Simulator? So you need to keep an eye on this new game that is available on Steam. Produced by Kiki Games, the game promises an interesting clothing store simulation experience.

The free version of Clothing Simulator is one of the highlights among Steam’s free games this week.

During the gameplay, the player ends up carrying out several actions, “signing contracts with brands, ordering products, organizing aisles, dressing mannequins and starting sales”, according to the official description. The title also includes localization in Brazilian Portuguese.

It is worth mentioning that the free version, available for download from this Steam link, is Prologue, which has limitations. The full version of Clothing Simulator is scheduled for release sometime in June.

Strong Fortress: Prologue

Strong Fortress: Prologue is a 2D shooter inspired by Star Wars which involves using steel mechs to fight hordes of insect-shaped enemies. With a notable focus on defending structures and collecting resources, the game stands out for its strategic complexity and mechanics that require more than just quick reflexes.

As the game progresses, players face elaborate boss battles, which are the culmination of each level, challenging them to utilize enhanced tactics and efficient management. Furthermore, progressive development allows you to unlock and improve different building elements, revealing more strategies and battle modes as you explore new chapters and face varied enemies, which include aerial and land threats.

Redeem now Strong Fortress: Prologue that Steam!

Astrometica: Prologue

Astrometica: Prologue offers an immersive space survival adventure, in which the player is placed in command of a space base with the mission of surviving in harsh environments full of challenges. Gameplay involves managing vital resources and building structures essential for survival, such as habitats and space vehicles.

Furthermore, exploring the vast cosmos is a crucial part of it as it allows players to discover new materials and technologies that can be used to improve their facilities and equipment. By managing batteries, vehicle systems, and robustly crafted mechanisms, it challenges us to adapt and innovate in response to the changing conditions of space.

Redeem now Astrometica: Prologue that Steam!

Playing Kafka

Playing Kafka is a narrative adventure that delves deep into the characteristically surreal world of Franz Kafka. The game is an intriguing mix of complex schemes, insidious twists and dialogue that gets out of control, all immersed in a dense and enigmatic atmosphere. Inspired by Kafka’s works, this title promises a deeply immersive and reflective experience on themes such as alienation in modern society and unresolved family conflicts.

Redeem now Playing Kafka that Steam!

Phantom Watcher

Phantom Watcher is a strategy and horror experience set in a haunted hospital, where each playthrough presents a new chilling challenge. It stands out for its unique CRT aesthetic and offers a deep immersive experience with realistic visuals and sounds. Players must manage the power distribution within the building and maintain their sanity while exploring the haunted depths of St. Valentine’s.

The title features ten distinct types of ghosts, each with unique characteristics and abilities, ensuring that each investigation is a new challenge. With four levels of difficulty and varied tests, the game challenges you to unlock historical archives and unravel the mysteries of the past while progressing through various ranks until reaching the prestigious title of “Phantom Watcher”.

Redeem now Phantom Watcher that Steam!

Tap Wizard 2

Tap Wizard 2 is a strategy RPG in which you take on the role of a sorcerer committed to defending the Chronosphere from dark forces. It captures the essence of titles in the genre and users can enjoy the thrill of magical combat without the need for continuous commands thanks to its design that allows actions to continue even when you are not actively playing.

During the game, it is possible to evolve magical skills, facing enemies through waves of attacks, in which each decision and spell used can turn the game in your favor. We can also customize strategies by choosing sorcerers with different skill sets and using a variety of spells that include elements such as fire, ice, lightning and poison to face the forces of darkness.

Redeem now Tap Wizard 2 that Steam!

Chocolate Factory: Prologue

Chocolate Factory: Prologue is a strategy and simulation title in which you have the opportunity to build and manage your own chocolate factory in a fairytale setting. In it, we are transported to a world in which it is possible to build complex factories using the world’s sugar resources, interconnecting conveyor belts and automating production to maximize efficiency.

The experience also involves exploration and some combat, where you face creatures like gingerbread men and cookie monsters, which may look adorable but are quite challenging. Redeem now Chocolate Factory: Prologue that Steam!

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