A Steam never stops surprising gamers with new free games to add to the library. This time, the Voxel selected seven titles of varying genres, from arcade racing games to physics simulators and stealth adventures.

If you’re looking for guaranteed fun without spending a penny, check out the list below and take the opportunity to redeem these incredible games! And stay tuned, because next week we’ll be back with more free news for you to play on PC, all specially curated by Voxel.

Without further ado, let’s check out this week’s Steam highlights.


Fastival is an arcade racing game that stands out for its vibrant and competitive atmosphere. Set in a gigantic amusement park, the tracks are full of obstacles and challenges that require quick reflexes and clever strategies.

In it, we can collect crazy items scattered throughout the course, which can be used both to hinder opponents and to gain advantages in the race. The dynamic of taking down targets during the races adds an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability, making each match a unique and fun experience.

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Knock is a clicker game with an unusual theme: you are trapped in a coffin and need to accumulate points by clicking on the lid to escape. The dark atmosphere and minimalist visuals contribute to the feeling of claustrophobia and urgency, while the simple and addictive gameplay keeps you glued to the screen.

Over time, new elements are added, such as upgrades to increase the speed of your clicks and special events that challenge you to reach increasingly higher goals.

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Cats and Seek: Kyoto

Cats and Seek: Kyoto is an online multiplayer that combines elements of hide and seek and parkour, set in the city of Kyoto, Japan. In it, we can choose between being a cat or a ninja, each with different skills and objectives. As the cat, the objective is to hide from the ninjas and survive the time limit, while the ninjas need to find and capture all the cats before time runs out.

The game stands out for its vibrant and stylized aesthetic, inspired by Japanese culture, and for its frenetic and fun gameplay, which requires agility, strategy and teamwork.

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BUG is a frantic clicker action title that puts us in control of a drone turret to eliminate hordes of alien insects on the planet Drake. With simple and addictive gameplay, the objective is to destroy as many insects as possible, accumulating resources to improve weapons and defenses.

We can unlock new weapons, skills and improvements, increasing firepower and efficiency in exterminating creatures.

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Atan is an action-adventure experience in which we embark on an epic journey through a colossal sleeping giant. In it, we can explore a vast vertical world, using climbing skills, archery, and grappling hooks to overcome dangerous challenges and obstacles. The rugged terrain and dangers present require dexterity and quick thinking to progress.

During the climb, we meet several inhabitants of the giant, each with their own stories and missions, gradually revealing the mysteries and secrets that surround this colossal being.

Redeem it now Atan na Steam!

The Powder Toy

The Powder Toy is a physics sandbox that allows you to simulate and experiment with a variety of elements and substances. In it, you can manipulate liquids, gases, solids, and energy to create chemical reactions, build complex structures, design machines, and even simulate explosions.

The creative freedom is immense, allowing you to build everything from simple bonfires to combustion engines and nuclear reactors. With an intuitive interface and a wide range of tools, it offers a learning and experimentation environment for science fans and the curious in general.

Redeem now The Powder Toy na Steam!

Robert the Lizard

Robert the Lizard is a stealth game in which we take on the role of a cunning thief lizard on an exciting mission. In it, we can explore a museum full of challenges and valuable treasures, using special skills to avoid guards and traps.

Stealth is essential to achieving objectives, requiring careful planning and execution of each move. With an isometric perspective and colorful graphics, it offers a fun and challenging experience.

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