Looking for news in free games for Steam? This week, we dive into a diverse selection of newly arrived titles that promise challenge, strategy and lots of fun.

From immersive adventures with horror elements to charming simulations and deduction games, the weekly list of Voxel brings something for all tastes. Check it out below!

Mimic Search

Em Mimic Search, we take on the role of a police officer tasked with investigating and neutralizing an attack by a mime, ensuring the safety of the area. The game is a short indie horror experience that combines VHS aesthetics with a dense, immersive atmosphere. The horror setting is amplified by the use of volumetric lighting in an open world, creating a horrifying and immersive experience.

The challenge of locating the villain in dark and oppressive environments heightens the tension, as you explore different corners in search of clues to solve the mystery and survive.

Redeem it now Mimic Search that Steam!

Puppet Master: The Game

Puppet Master: The Game is a free-to-play online multiplayer game that immerses players in the iconic environments of the film series The Toy Master from the late 1980s. It offers a variety of modes in which players can take on the role of the killer dolls or the human victim.

When playing as one of the puppets, the objective is to protect the puppet master’s secrets at all costs, while the human must try to survive and escape. The gameplay is intensified by the use of stealth strategies and the option to customize the dolls with alternative appearances and weapons.

Redeem now Puppet Master: The Game that Steam!

Forest of Tails: Arena

Forest of Tails: Arena is a real-time action experience that puts you in the role of a brave little mouse fighting for glory in challenging arenas. Equipped with improvised weapons such as axes made from sticks or bows made from plant roots, you will face waves of varied enemies, including hostile insects and other rodents.

As you progress, you gain new skills and equipment, improving your chances of survival in progressively more difficult levels. Each death brings a new opportunity to resume the fight with your already acquired equipment and skills, adding a dynamic of persistence and continuous improvement to the game.

Redeem it now Forest of Tails: Arena that Steam!

With Shining Eyes

With Shining Eyes offers an immersive adventure set at Bellamy Academy, in which players are tasked with solving puzzles in vibrant, surreal classrooms. Each scenario is full of secrets and unexpected discoveries, highlighted by a relaxing atmosphere and a calming soundtrack.

By exploring the story of Anya Ashby, former student and current director, players unravel the mysteries intertwined with the architecture of the place. With gameplay that can be completed in 30 minutes to an hour, the game promises a rich and concise experience, ideal for those looking for a quick and meaningful escape.

Redeem it now With Shining Eyes that Steam!

Betrayal Beach

Betrayal Beach is a survival and social deduction game that takes place on a mysterious island, where 4 to 6 users fight to survive after an air disaster. While they search for resources and manufacture tools to fulfill objectives and ensure survival, one or two characters are saboteurs with the mission of preventing the others from escaping.

The game is filled with deceptive strategies and critical decisions, including voting to exile suspected saboteurs, increasing tension and interaction between players in a richly immersive and competitive environment.

Redeem it now Betrayal Beach that Steam!

Bed and BEAKfast

Fonte:  Operation Breadcrumbs – Steam

Bed and BEAKfast is a management, cooking and storytelling title set in an enchanting world of birds. You play as Robin, who returns to his hometown to revitalize the inn his grandfather left behind. It combines preparing delicious meals for guests, meaningful interactions with the local community, and establishing lasting relationships with visiting birds.

Additionally, inn expansion and service customization increase gameplay engagement and depth.

Redeem it now Bed and BEAKfast that Steam!

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