This week, at Steam opened the doors to a variety of new free games in your store. Players can immerse themselves in worlds ranging from mysterious labyrinths and post-apocalyptic oceans to enchanted card realms and deeply emotional stories.

Each title promises not only fun, but also immersion in rich narratives, strategic combats and adventures that challenge players’ minds and emotions. And the best part: all the games on the list are free.

Fonte:  Three Whales Studio

Next, check out the list with 7 new free games that arrived on the Valve platform during the last week. It’s important to note that the store receives hundreds of games weekly, so Voxel has curated only the best titles!


Cureocity is an intriguing title that combines elements of adventure and strategy, leading the individual through mysterious labyrinths full of new challenges. The plot revolves around an inexperienced adventurer and an experienced healer, exploring enigmatic ruins, where each choice determines the course of the adventure.

The game mechanics highlight the importance of careful planning, with an emphasis on selecting weapons and tactics to overcome adversity. Interaction with the environment and non-playable characters enriches the narrative, offering combat or purifying opponents. The aesthetic, characterized by a hand-drawn artistic style, offers a visually engaging and immersive experience.

Age of Water: The First Voyage

Age of Water: The First Voyage invites adventurers to a post-apocalyptic world completely submerged. In it, maritime exploration is the core of the experience, allowing you to navigate through storms, fight enemies, negotiate and capture vessels.

Boat building and customization is key, with a wide variety of parts and equipment available. The plot unfolds in a vast open world, full of underwater mysteries and intense naval battles, in which each choice influences destiny in a flexible balance between PvE and PvP.

World of Grimm

World of Grimm is a card game that immerses adventurers in the enchanted universe of the Brothers Grimm’s tales. It is characterized by assembling a deck with iconic characters, legendary creatures and magical artifacts. Battle dynamics are central, challenging cunning by revealing new possibilities with each card played.

Exploring kingdoms inspired by classic fables, face famous characters, each with unique abilities. Customizing the deck and adapting strategies are essential for success in multiplayer disputes or in the solo campaign.

Emil: A Hero’s Journey – Prologue

Emil: A Hero’s Journey – Prologue presents a captivating narrative, set in a dark historical context. With a plot inspired by real events from World War II, it follows the journey of a young man named Emil, who uses creativity and imagination to find his father after they are separated by Nazi forces.

This title is a 2.5D puzzle platformer, combining intense action, stealth elements and creative puzzle solving. The experience is intensified by cinematic artistic direction and mechanics that require deep interaction and reflection to advance the touching and challenging story.

LISA: The First

LISA: The First transports users to a psychological and surreal universe, where they explore the darkest corners of Lisa Armstrong’s mind. In this world, marked by a retro visual style and oppressive atmosphere, she faces the traumas and challenges generated by her abusive relationship with her father, Marty. The gameplay mixes exploration, puzzles and RPG elements, leading through a plot full of symbolism and enigmatic characters.

The narrative, intensely personal and emotional, is unveiled through the collection of VHS tapes, representing fragments of memories and thoughts. With a unique approach to telling his story, he stands out for his ability to engage and provoke deep reflections on delicate and complex topics, making the experience both intriguing and disturbing.

The Forgotten World: Prologue

The Forgotten World: Prologue is a narrative card experience that immerses players in a fantastic adventure, inspired by elements from classic fables. In it, the main character is summoned to save an enchanted kingdom from oblivion.

With gameplay that mixes strategy and narrative, the title challenges users to use cards with varied abilities, facing puzzles and opponents in a richly imagined world. Exploring the kingdom’s memory and mysteries is essential for progression and unraveling the game’s immersive plot.


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