This week at Steam, five new free games They promise free fun! From skeleton adventures to addictive challenges, there’s something for everyone.

Take advantage of the chance to explore new worlds and innovative mechanics without opening your wallet. Check it out below!

Soulbind: Prologue

Soulbind: Prologue is an action game in the roguelike genre where you are a skeleton with the unique ability to replace parts of your body with those of defeated enemies. This mechanic allows for deep customization and varied tactics as you face creatures and uncover the mysterious world of Allaar.

The action takes place in a library full of traps and secrets, introducing an environment that challenges the player to adapt and survive, improving their skills with each attempt. The game promotes a constant learning experience and tactical evolution.

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Fonte:  aaladin66 – Steam

Banana is a captivating game that transforms simplicity into fun with one click. In it, the player clicks on a banana, and each click generates more bananas, creating an addictive and rewarding cycle of accumulation. This clicker focuses on obtaining and using fruits to progress, offering a casual and relaxing experience.

It is enriched with achievements that challenge users to reach new milestones, while simple but effective visual and sound elements complement the straightforward gameplay.

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The Twin Paradox

The Twin Paradox is an immersive RPG that explores Einstein’s fascinating theory of special relativity through a narrative centered around time travel. In it, you take on the role of a character preparing for his first time travel, interacting with scientists in the Beyond laboratory.

Through a highly interactive map, the player not only explores but also learns concepts of physics and related sciences. Your choices directly impact how the story unfolds, adding depth and replayability to the challenge of discovering all the Easter eggs and references hidden in the game.

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Popo Rogue

Fonte:  Bounce Back Games – Steam

Pogo Rogue is a roguelite action platformer title that challenges players with its unique pogo stick-based movement system. In it, you navigate procedurally generated levels, facing varied enemies and collecting powerful items. Each match is a new experience thanks to the variety of weapons and power-ups you can find.

The focus is on the player’s ability to master movement and the ability to adapt to challenging situations that arise at each level, making each attempt an exciting and unpredictable journey.

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Ivorfall is a steampunk roguelike top-down shooter in which you play Detective Flintlock, tasked with saving the city of Ivorfall. Fight enemies and explore destructible environments using a variety of modifiable weapons. Each weapon offers up to twelve distinct play styles, ensuring a renewed experience with each match.

The levels are full of traps and challenges, requiring the player to have strategy and agility to progress. The game also features a marketplace where you can purchase health upgrades, combat items, and weapon mods, increasing the depth and customization of gameplay.

Redeem it now Ivorfall that Steam!

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