Recently, the senior director of Spider-Man 2Ryan Smith, gave an interview to VGC247 with more details about the upcoming success. According to him, the game must have “more or less the same duration as the first in the franchise”. Insomniac shows again that it is not interested in creating games that take many hours to complete the campaign, or even get all of its achievements.

Despite the various new features that will arrive in Spider-Man 2including an explorable map of New York almost twice the size of the first games, the developer doesn’t want to create a very open world that fills so many hours of gameplay.

During the interview, Ryan Smith reinforced the developer’s desire by saying that ”We don’t want this to be an 80-100 hour game, that’s not where we want to be. We want to tell fantastic stories, the best we can (…)”.

Estimated times to finish Malvel’s Spider-Man on How Long to Beat.Fonte:  How Long To Beat

How long will Spider-Man 2 last?

The first Spider-Man has a campaign with around 17 hourswhich can extend up to 25 and a half hours with extra activities — or something close to 34 and a half hours to complete everything. In this way, it is possible to assume that Spider-Man 2 stay in the range of 17 to 35 hours to complete.

These aren’t huge numbers for an open-world game, and Ryan Smith confirms the focus on narrative: “we really thought about how to make each moment a little more epic, or a little deeperor a little more integrated into history.”

Despite the averages of How Long to Beat and from Ryan Smith’s speeches, it is worth highlighting that everyone has a different experience with each video game, which can change the total gameplay time. However, it is still interesting to have this information as references.

Insomniac reveals Spider-Man 2 graphics modes

Insomniac Games also recently revealed which graphical modes will arrive with Spider-Man 2 and they will all feature some Ray-Tracing effects. The game will also be compatible with VRR.

The new Cabeça de Teia game will feature a ”Quality” mode at 30fps and a ”Performance” mode at 60fps, both with Ray-Tracing. Additionally, users with 120hz will be able to take advantage of a 40fps mode. The old Performance+RT mode became standard Performance mode in Spider-Man 2.

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