To liven up this Thursday night (30), the Konami held a digital event to present new features from the franchise Silent Hill. The publisher, it’s worth remembering, is investing in multiple projects involving the brand, from games like the remake of Silent Hill 2produced by Bloober Team (The Medium, Blair Witch), to cinematographic productions.

This would be the perfect opportunity to bring to light more details of what’s to come. However, Silent Hill Fa new game set in 1960s Japan that remains one of the most mysterious projects in development, was not even mentioned during the presentation.

In the following lines, the Voxel brings a summary of the main news from Silent Hill Transmission. Check out:

Silent Hill 2 Remake

Probably one of the most anticipated games of the year, Silent Hill 2 Remake got a long gameplay demo. The game seeks to reimagine Konami’s psychological horror classic that was originally released in 2001, but with a modernized experience optimized for current quality standards.

The gameplay video is around 14 minutes long and begins with the protagonist, James Sunderland, walking through the abandoned streets of Silent Hill, which are covered by dense fog. With this, the video shows a little of the exploration and dangers that lie in wait, indicating that the atmosphere of terror and mystery is present from the beginning of the experience.

Arriving at Brookhaven hospital, which is where most of the video takes place, James can inspect objects he finds around the scene. It is also possible to see a little more of James’ interactions with Laura and Maria, as well as combat scenes against the creatures.

It isn’t long before the iconic monstrous nurses appear, showing how James can alternate between a piece of wood with nails and a pistol to face dangers. At this point, the game shows gameplay very similar to what we saw in recent remakes of Resident Evil, although with a more rhythmic action. It is worth remembering that James is also able to dodge attacks.

The remake of Silent Hill 2 Its release was confirmed for October 8th, as announced in the trailer shown during State of Play shortly before the event, with versions for PlayStation 5 and Steam. Pre-sales are also now available in digital stores, with prices starting at R$349.90.

Return to Silent Hill

Sequel to the 2006 film, Return to Silent Hill seeks to adapt the second game in the franchise in theaters. Still without a release date, the feature film had already been previously announced by Konami, but has now received new behind-the-scenes footage and confirmation that Akira Yamaoka, composer and also director and producer of the first four games in the series, will collaborate with the film production.

It is possible to see how the settings and the appearance of the characters are quite faithful to the original work. According to director Christophe Gans, the team is made up of people who are passionate about the franchise and the process is being done with great respect and humility towards the game. The aim is also to add a new “emotional layer” to the psychological horror experienced by James Sunderland.

please note that Return to Silent Hill is a project that sparked Konami’s interest in releasing a remake of the second game according to Rui Naito, head of IP and cross-media development at Konami. Therefore, it is expected that the premiere of the film and the launch of the game will not be too far apart, although there is no prediction yet.

Silent Hill: The Short Message

Now available for free for PlayStation 5, Silent Hill: The Short Message received an honorable mention during the broadcast.

According to Konami, the game has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times and will also receive a 1/6 scale statue of the character Sakura Head, who is the monster designed by Masahiro Ito and who chases the player during the campaign.

Interested players also have access to the original soundtrack on major streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, among others.

And these were the news Silent Hill Transmission. What did you think of the event? Don’t forget to comment on Voxel’s social networks!


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