If you like style games Party Royale It’s good to keep an eye out for a new title hitting the market soon. Its about Seal: WHAT the FUNdeveloped by PLAYWITH Inc. and which will be available on Early Access on Steam from 9am onwards May 3rd.

From this date, until the official launch, whoever buys Seal: WHAT the FUN will have access to the title’s maps and minigames with a 25% discount! Find out more below:

Get ready for a party!

The proposal to Seal: WHAT the FUN is to present differentiated gameplay that promises to “redefine the gaming landscape”. Each 10-minute match can receive up to 20 playerswhich is divided into three rounds of minigames 180 seconds.

Seal: WHAT the FUN has several minigames played in a maximum of three minutes. (PLAYWITH Inc./Disclosure)

The challenges in question will feature disputes in disciplines such as racing, shooting, survival, climbing and combination puzzles. You maps are varied and aimed at quick and exciting confrontations, in addition to alternative means to victory, rewarding creative and curious players.

Seal: WHAT the FUN it also has an option to play alongside friends, in addition to featuring characters such as the famous rabbit Rascal Rabbit, from the Seal Online: Blades of Destiny franchise.

Curious to check out everything the game has to offer? Then, access the page of Seal: WHAT the FUN no Steam to add the game to your wish list and guarantee a 25% discount from 05/03!

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/282335-seal-what-the-fun-entra-acesso-antecipado-steam.htm

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