Last Thursday morning (4), the North American football player VALUING, s0m, was the victim of a practice known as “swatting”. While broadcasting live, the player’s home was raided by armed police in response to a false report of an alleged crime taking place there.

The incident was recorded by a viewer and published on social media, where a police officer is seen entering the bedroom with a gun.

s0m talks about the situation

The player expressed his indignation on social media and stated that he suffered the “swatting” at around 6:30 am, while his family was sleeping.

For whoever did this, you really are a horrible person. ‘Swatting’ is no joke and puts people’s lives at risk.

Since his departure from the North American team NRGs0m is dedicated to live broadcasts, seeking to interact with his fans and improve his online presence.

What is Swatting?

“Swatting” is a practice in which people discover the address of a streamer and call the police with false information about non-existent crimes. The name SWATcomes from Special Weapons And Tacticsa special unit of the North American police called in in extreme situations, such as terrorist attacks.

s0m during a DreamHack Anaheim match. Photo: Stephanie Lindgren
Raquel Ferreira
published in January 5, 2024


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