Rockstar Games has finally announced when will the GTA 6 trailer be released. Breaking the expectations of those who expected to see the game at The Game Awards, the company revealed that will present the title before the award ceremony.

In a post made on social media, Rockstar Games announced that the first trailer for GTA 6 will be released on December 5th, next Tuesday. The video in question will be released at 11 am, Brasília time. Check out the image released by the developer below Twitter (X):

The promotional image only features the Rockstar logo confirming the date and time of the first GTA 6 trailer, without even mentioning the name of the game.

New GTA takes place in Vice City?

However, the art behind the image gives a lot of clues about the game. Bringing palm trees and a paradisiacal air, the image clearly points out that GTA 6 will actually take place in Vice Cityas mentioned in several rumors and leaks.

The city of Vice City has already appeared in other games in the franchise in the PlayStation 2 era and is basically a parody of Miami. With that, we can expect a great evolution in the area with the arrival of GTA 6.

The first trailer for the next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise was confirmed last month by Rockstar, during a press conference for investors and in posts on social media. So far, however, we have no more official details about the game.

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