No matter the RPG, One of the highlights of any journey are the boss battles. In several series, these enemies often require more elaborate strategies to achieve victory, and with the franchise Final Fantasy things would not be different.

With that in mind, below we will list some of the most iconic bosses that we had the opportunity to meet and face throughout the 16 canonical games of Square Enix’s flagship franchise. Check out!

1. Brush (Final Fantasy VI)

Kefka is a villain that you wouldn’t give a cent to because of his appearance (after all, what danger can a guy who dresses like a jester bring, right), but don’t be fooled: He is certainly one of the most dangerous villains we have had the opportunity to meet in the entire franchise.

In addition to having an unmistakable laugh (even though it is a small sound effect that is repeated throughout the game), it also gave us the chance to visualize one of the most epic confrontations going through very different stages and full of details in its art, culminating with the moment he appears like an angelic creature ready to be beaten.

Another point that helps him become one of the most iconic villains in the series is that, Even though he didn’t win, he did a lot of damage. In addition to poisoning an entire river at one point in the game, he also managed to put the entire world in ruins and force the group of protagonists to reverse this situation as soon as possible.

2. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Sephiroth and Kefka are two names competing for the best villain in a game Final Fantasy. Although it may not have caused as much damage as the boss of Final Fantasy VI on his journey, it is a fact that he was a nuisance to Cloud and his friends.

The final battle against his form Safer-Sephiroth certainly still populates the minds of many players who are certainly curious to see how this moment will appear in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Until that happens, we are left with memories of what we saw on the first PlayStation and the unmistakable One-Winged Angel soundtrack in our minds.

3. Shinryu (Final Fantasy V)

Shinryu is one of the bosses to beat in Final Fantasy V, but this is not the only game in which he appears. Throughout the franchise he still showed up to challenge the skills of the bravest, as he is often responsible for storing some special equipment that you certainly want to get your hands on.

However, defeating him is not always an easy task, and patience is required to get this opponent out of the way, whether in the fifth canonical game in the franchise or in any other in which he appears.

4. Adamantoise (Final Fantasy II)

Adamantoise first appeared as a boss in Final Fantasy IIand already in that encounter he proved that he was capable of hitting hard and making you think of different ways to try to defeat him.

Like Shinryu, he also returned in other games in the series, and the passage of time only made him even bigger. If you want an example of this, just look at the size this creature managed to reach in Final Fantasy XV, making Noctis’ attacks on him look like someone poking a party potato with a toothpick. See below:

5. Ultimecia (Final Fantasy VIII)

Ultimecia deserved a spot on our list of the most iconic bosses in Final Fantasy essentially for a single detail: She is the first woman to occupy the role of main villain in the entire history of the series.

Even though her motivations aren’t very different from those seen in other games (after all, she wants to become a goddess), Ultimecia proves that she definitely has skills strong enough to challenge the best strategists. Plus, we have the chance to try to put an end to her plans while listening to an excellent soundtrack.

6. Chaos (Final Fantasy)

Okay, Chaos may not be the most attractive enemy in the franchise or even the most intimidating in his actions. Although, we are talking about the first villain of the entire series, so it deserves to be mentioned as one of the most iconic in the series Final Fantasy.

It’s true that the Nintendinho version didn’t bring many details to its design, but any edition remade for other platforms gives it a better look with its large wings, horns and even the faces that are on its knees and protruding from its belly button.

And for you, what are the most iconic bosses in the franchise? Final Fantasy? Share your opinion with other readers of the Voxel using our social networks.


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