Microsoft closed the activities of no less than four major Bethesda studios in May. Arkane Austin, responsible for developing Redfall, was one of those affected by the company’s cuts. Consequently, the vampire game’s DLC was also canceled at the time.

According to Jez Corden, journalist at Windows Centralit seems that Microsoft is already refunding players who purchased the DLC de Redfall. The content was originally defined to make up the Redfall Hero Pass and would offer two additional heroes with unique powers and gameplay — among other extra content.

Some players are already being refunded for Redfall’s canceled DLC.Source: Arnake Austin

Refunds are apparently being distributed in waves and include both Xbox and Steam players. According to a post from a user on the game’s unofficial Reddit, it appears that Microsoft is refunding money even to those who purchased the physical Bite Back edition — but, of course, after speaking directly with Bethesda support.

If by chance you were one of the players who purchased the physical edition of Redfall and also want a refund for the game, the link to request a refund from Bethesda support is this one.

Redfall received final update in May

When the closure of Arkane Austin was announced, Microsoft confirmed that some team members went to other studios in the house to work on other Bethesda projects.

As a result, the development of Redfall was closed. However, the servers will remain online for players who purchased the Hero DLC — they will also be awarded some “compensatory offers” that have not been specified at this time.

Redfall's last update was released at the end of May and brought a lot of additions to the cooperative vampire game.Redfall’s last update was released at the end of May and brought a lot of additions to the cooperative vampire game.Fonte:  Arkane Austin

Despite its closure, Arkane Austin released one last major update for the co-op vampire shooter at the end of May, adding an offline mode and Elder Nests.

In addition, there was also the addition of a new weapon, the option to pause the game in offline mode, a talent tree to unlock new skills by defeating a sub-boss, unlocking safe houses and much more.

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