Offering a diversity of products and brands in its catalogue, AliExpress is currently one of the largest marketplaces in the world and a good option for gamers looking for affordable prices.

Among the products present on the AliExpress website, it is possible to find options that have been successful among gamers, such as the 8BitDo controls and the R36s emulation laptop, successes among the gaming public.

And the best of all is that these and other peripherals are on offer on the AliExpress websitewith discounts of up to 75%.

Next, check out our selection of opportunities to upgrade your Setup and ensure better performance in matches with savings:

  • R36s emulation laptop for R$239.64
  • Controle 8BitDo Ultimate C Wireless Gaming por R$126,89
  • 8BitDo Wireless Gamepad Controller for R$143.28
  • 8BitDo Arcade Stick controller for R$518.48
  • 8BitDo Lite 2 Gamepad controller for R$124.01
  • 8BitDo Ultimate control for R$215.37
  • GameSir Nova Lite controller for R$104.42
  • Controle GameSir X2s Type-C Gamepad por R$190,87
  • GameSir T4 Pro controller for R$126.94
  • FIFINE-USB Gaming Condenser Microphone for R$165.10
  • Mouse Pad Gaming Dragon 400x900x3mm por R$7,88
  • Headset Fifine Dynamic Gaming por R$195,99
  • Mechanical keyboard kit + mouse + Phoenix mouse pad for R$156.79
  • PC Gamer speaker with RGB for R$17.99
  • USB LED strip, 1 meter for R$4.99
  • Lenovo Legion M500 mouse for R$46.97

Gamer Offers from Brazil:

And for gamers who are worried about their purchases being taxed, we have good news! We have also prepared a selection of items that are already in Brazil. Look:

  • Mouse Gamer Alfa, 3200dpi, LED RGB por R$4,99
  • Mouse Pad Alfa S400 com LED RGB, 80cm x 30cm por R$23,40
  • Semi-Mechanical Gamer Keyboard Kit + Mouse 3200DPI for R$51.80
  • Semi-mechanical Gamer Keyboard with RGB LED for R$28.40
  • DAFUSHOP Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone for PC for R$42.09
  • 1 Pair of Gamer Glove Finger Sleeve for R$15.00
  • Mouse gamer Laser X7, 3200dpi por R$11,80
  • Headphone Gamer A-302 P2 por R$37,40
  • Gamer sound sensor with RGB LED for R$40.00
  • Combo Gamer Mancer ORC Rainbow with keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headset for R$165.99
  • Gabinete Gamer Mancer Hexer, Rainbow, Mid-Tower por R$191,99
  • TGT Sherman Rainbow Mechanical Gamer Keyboard for R$110.74
  • Exbom BK-G550 gaming keyboard and mouse kit for R$67.99
  • Headset Gamer Fortrek Holt com LED RGB powder R$127.00
  • KP-CDA001 Gamer Chair, black with red for R$588.69
  • Headset Gamer T-Dagger Mickinley T-RGH101 por R$151,10

Did you like the discounts? See these and many others on the AliExpress website! But be careful, the promotion is valid for a limited time and prices may vary for repeat buyers.


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