Anyone keeping an eye on the news certainly already knows that the PS5 Slim will hit stores in November, but Sony has not yet specified a date for this to happen. However, a leak expert gave a tip on when this should happen.

According to information released by a dataminer known as billbil-kun, The PS5 Slim is apparently due to hit US stores on November 8th. In other words, if this data is real, Sony should make a statement confirming this date in the coming weeks.

New PS5 features a removable disc player.

Another point mentioned by the informant is that apparently the console will hit stores in a package bringing Spider-Man 2. If confirmed, the strategy could make sense, considering that the Cabeça de Teia game hits stores this Friday (20) and manages to give good proof of the console’s power.

Finally, billbil-kun further reported that, Last Wednesday (18), Amazon began accepting reservations for this version of the console. Therefore, Here we have yet another indication that the date of November 8th could possibly end up being confirmed.

How much will the PS5 Slim cost?

For those who are thinking about purchasing the console, Sony has already revealed the prices for each version of the console, as well as some accessories that will be sold separately. Check out:

  • PS5 with disc player included: US$499.99;
  • PS5 Digital Edition: US$ 449,99;
  • Separate disc player: $74.99;
  • New base for the PS5 to stand on: US$29.99.

The new version of the PS5 arrives at the same price as the original version. Furthermore, Sony plans to replace the model launched in 2020 with the revised design edition. In other words, within a few months, the new PS5 will be the standard model on the market.

Console PlayStation 5

Imagem: Console PlayStation 5
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The fifth edition of Sony’s console arrives more modern than ever, with great features, compatibility and a futuristic design. Count on 825 GB, 120 Hz and 4K images.

Console PlayStation 5, Digital Edition

Imagem: Console Playstation 5, Digital Edition
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Sony’s latest console in the digital games version, with a more affordable price, but without leaving anything to be desired!


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