This Tuesday (10), Sony presented the new Slim model of the PlayStation 5. After much speculation, the console now has a more compact version and is more focused on playing digital content.

With the launch scheduled for November 2023it should gradually replace the current model and be the only one sold when stock of the original console ends.

Until that happens, both will exist on the market at the same time and you need to know exactly what the differences are between the versions. Below, we separate the main changes.

What are the differences between the PS5 and the PS5 Slim

1. New dimensions and weight

The main change in the PS5 “Slim” is in the measurements and weight of the console: it has become considerably lighter, while also being approximately 30% smaller than the original model.

See the comparison below:

  • Original with disc player: 390 x 104 x 260 mm
  • Original without disc reader: 390 x 92 x 260 mm
  • Slim with disc player: 358 × 96 × 216 mm
  • Slim without disc reader: 358 × 80 × 216 mm

According to Sony, the engineering and design teams worked together to create the new shape. Furthermore, the new options with and without the disc reader are 18% to 24% lighter than original modelsnow weighing 3,2 kg e 2,6 kgrespectively.

2. Removable disk reader in digital version

Anyone who buys the PS5 Digital Edition, which is the version without a disc player built into the console, You can purchase an official accessory separately which allows physical games to be read by the console. O Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive for PS5 will be sold separately by Sony for US$79.99.

The disc player is separate from the Digital version.Source: Sony

Another change is that, when placing the official disc player on the Digital model, it is only necessary to change part of the cover that is at the bottom of the console.

3. New cover pattern

For the Slim version of the PS5, Sony now separates the console covers into four panels. The upper ones have a brighter look, while the lower ones maintain the matte style of the original device.

New colors for the most recent models will be launched at the beginning of 2024 and their appearance has not yet been released, but we already know their names because they are from the same Deep Earth collection that already exists on the conventional PS5: Volcanic Red (red), Cobalt Blue (blue) and Sterling Silver (silver), in addition to one completely black version.

Each will retail for US$54.99 and more variations will be introduced over the next year.

4. New bases

Finally, still in terms of design, the new PlayStation 5 has a new horizontal basewhich accompanies the product in the box and helps it to be suspended in a balanced way, without the side without the disc reader hanging down.

The new vertical base, which is sold separately.The new vertical base, which is sold separately.Source: Sony

Furthermore, a new vertical support compatible with all models PS5 will be sold separately by Sony for US$29.99.

5. Price of the Digital version

One of the hopes — and also one of the concerns — of the public regarding the new PS5 models was the price. After all, does the more compact model mean a reduction in the amount charged for the console?

More or less: the model with a disc player remains unchanged, but the Digital Edition (without the built-in drive) it was $50 more expensive at the official price in dollars.

  • PS5: US$ 499,99
  • PS5 Digital: US$ 399,99
  • PS5 Slim: US$ 499,99
  • PS5 Slim Digital: US$ 449,99

At the time of publication of this article, the prices of the new PS5 Slim models have not been released for Brazil.

6. SSD Capacity

Despite being practically the same in terms of hardware, the PS5 Slim has a small change in the technical specifications of the console’s internal storage. The SSD that comes with the PS5 now has 1 TB of capacity, compared to 825 GB in the original models.

What doesn’t change in the PS5 Slim?

In terms of performance, except for SSD capacity, there are no major changes between the original versions of the PlayStation 5 and the two Slim models.

As this is primarily a design update, games that run on the original PlayStation 5 will also work on the Slim models and vice versa. Furthermore, the controle DualSense remains the same, without any type of change.


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