A Sony is bringing a touch of color to the world of consoles with the launch of new side covers for the PlayStation 5 Slim. Presented in CES 2024new color options include blue, silver and red, adding interesting shades to the device’s design.

The covers, which will be available for US$ 54,99 (around R$269 in direct conversion), promise to give a new look to the console, which until then was characterized by its traditional white. Check out some images of the products directly from the technology fair below.

The Verge/Chris Welch

Matte elegance

Unlike the glossy finish of the standard white version, the new covers are completely matte. The choice may please gamers who prefer to avoid dust accumulation in the black central section of the console.

Sony has not yet confirmed whether the detachable disc drive, a notable feature of the PS5 Slim, will also be available in these new colorways. However, the company is already working on black models, keeping all four sections with a matte finish.

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The device’s new colors seem to really stand out, especially when combined with the optional vertical stand. The silver version in particular evokes nostalgia for the original PlayStation, while the red is described as more vibrant than the original PS5’s “cosmic red” accessories.

PS5 sales success

Fonte:  The Verge/Chris Welch

The PS5 Slim continues to be available in both a disc drive version and a digital-only version. The drive’s detachable design, which can be purchased separately and added to the digital model, simplified Sony’s manufacturing process and helped reduce costs. Last month, the company announced that PS5 sales exceeded 50 million units.

DualSense controllers that match the new colors were also shown off, presenting an equally attractive look. With these new customization options, Sony seems to be betting on individuality and style, allowing players to express their personality through their devices.

This strategy not only revitalizes the design of the PS5 Slim, but also reflects a growing trend in the gaming market: customization as a way to deepen the connection between the player and their console.

So, what do you think of the new colors of the PS5 Slim? Remembering that the console has not yet officially arrived in Brazil, but will replace the original edition of the product globally in the future.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/275790-ps5-slim-ganha-novas-cores-capas-confira-video-imagens.htm

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