PlayStation announced a readjustment in the values ​​of PS Plus Essential, Extra and Deluxe in Brazil. Following a global change, annual plan prices will be up to 40% more expensive in the country from September 5th.

According to PlayStation, the change will not affect those who are already subscribed to the service until the subscription renewal date. In addition, if the user decides to transfer plans, an extra fee may be charged. Below, you can check the new values ​​​​of PlayStation Plus in Brazil in the annual plans:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential – R$ 278,90 (antes custava R$ 199,90)
  • PlayStation Plus Extra- R$ 475.90 (before it cost R$ 339.90)
  • PlayStation Plus Deluxe – BRL 538.90 (before it cost BRL 389.90)

The plan that suffered the biggest readjustment was PlayStation Plus Extra, which rose 40% in the annual version. The basic edition of the service and the most expensive plan also had a similar readjustment fee.

PlayStation Plus is Sony’s subscription that offers access to multiplayer online games, in addition to bringing games to subscribers on a monthly basis and offers on the Essential version. The Extra version includes a catalog of games in the subscription, while the Deluxe edition also features classic titles and exclusive demos.

global price increase

In addition to the readjustment in Brazil, Sony also increased PlayStation Plus values ​​globally. Countries such as the United States, Japan and part of Europe were also affected with increases in subscription prices.

The PlayStation Plus boost was revealed shortly after the announcement of the subscription’s September games.

Just like in our country, the global readjustment also affected the annual PlayStation Plus plan. The Essential version now costs $799, while the Extra goes for $134.99 abroad. The Deluxe/Premium costs $159.99.

It is worth mentioning that the readjustment only starts to be valid from September 6th. That is, for those who intend to subscribe to the service annually with the current value, there is still time to take advantage.


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