With this week’s long weekend, it means we’ll have more time to enjoy our favorite games! And if you’re looking for something cool to enjoy on PlayStation, we’ve listed 30 games in physical media and digital format on PSN with discounts of up to 99%!

Among the main promotions for PS4 and PS5 Featured this week we have The Gardens Between, Human: Fall Flat, Disco Elysium, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and or standalone Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnagewhich is leaving just R$0.90!

The best promotions for PlayStation on PSN

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is one of the highlights on promotion on PSN this weekSource: Respawn Entertainment/Disclosure

Below, we select the 20 best PlayStation games with discounts of up to 99% and prices starting at R$0.90 on the PS Store:

PS4 game deals on the PS Store

  • Destroy All Humans! Clone Carnage (THQ Nordic) — R$ 0,90 (-99%)
  • A Knight’s Quest (Curve Digital) — R$ 13,39 (-90%)
  • Hotshot Racing (Sumo Digital ) — R$ 8,35 (-90%)
  • Manual Samuel (Curve Digital) — R$ 5,39 (-90%)
  • Smoke And Sacrifice (Curve Digital) — R$ 10,49 (-90%)
  • Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (Curve Digital) — R$ 5,39 (-90%)
  • Super Meat Boy (Team Meat) — R$ 7,99 (-90%)
  • The Church In The Darkness (Paranoid Productions) — R$ 10,49 (-90%)
  • Shenmue III (Deep Silver) — R$ 22,42 (-85%)
  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (Fatshark) — R$ 24,98 (-80%)

PS5 games discounted on PlayStation Store

  • Cannibal Cuisine (Rocket Vulture) — R$ 6,99 (-90%)
  • Knightin’+ (Muzt Die Studios) — R$ 3,19 (-90%)
  • Kona (Parabole) — R$ 11,98 (-85%)
  • The Gardens Between (The Voxel Agents) — R$ 20,98 (-80%)
  • The Falconeer: Warrior Edition (Wired Productions) — R$ 37,37 (-75%)
  • Open it (The Game Bakers) — R$ 31,47 (-70%)
  • Human: Fall Flat (Curve Digital) — R$ 31,47 (-70%)
  • Submerged: Hidden Depths (Uppercut Games) — R$ 47,97 (-70%)
  • Disco Elysium – The Final Cut (ZA/UM) — R$ 75.21 (-65%)
  • STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor (Respawn Entertainment) — R$ 288,06 (-15%)

Save and pay in installments on your PS Store purchases with cashback

At Nuuvem you can buy balance to use on PSN and pay for your purchases in up to 3 installments using your credit card.At Nuuvem you can buy balance to use on PSN and pay for your purchases in up to 3 installments using your credit card.Source: Nuuvem/Reproduction

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PlayStation games on physical media on sale

It is important to emphasize that the PS5 Digital Edition does not have a disc player, so if this is your version of the console unfortunately the lists below will not be of help to you. For the rest, we list below 10 of the best PS4 and PS5 game deals on physical media on Amazon:

Physical media for PS4 on sale

PlayStation 5 games on physical media at a discount

Don’t forget that the game offerings on physical media depend on sellers and their respective inventoriesthen the Listed prices may vary throughout the week.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/271434-playstation-30-jogos-ps4-ps5-99-desconto.htm

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