The PlayStation 1 was Sony’s first venture into the world of gaming, back in 1994. And it didn’t take long for the console to fall into the public’s favor thanks to its library of games, which brought names capable of entertaining fans of all genres and tastes. .

Do you like RPGs? Bet on Final Fantasy VII! Want a fun but still challenging platformer? Invest a few hours in Crash Bandicoot! Is it your thing to get scared in games that involve horror? You can continue with Silent Hill ou Resident Evil 3!

The games we mentioned above, including, are part of the list of most emulated games on the Sony consoleand you can check the ranking of the ten most emulated games on the platform in the following lines.

10. Final Fantasy VII

One of the most popular PlayStation 1 RPGs may be last on the list of most emulated, but it certainly holds the top spot in many people’s hearts.

Final Fantasy VII marks a transition for the series, being the first in the franchise to be developed entirely in 3D (especially if we consider that the initial project was to release it for Super Nintendo). In terms of story, here we have the chance to see Cloud and his friends fighting to stop Sephiroth’s plans of destruction in a title with turn-based battles, summons and, of course, spells.

9. Spyro the Dragon

For those who like platform games, Spyro the Dragon It’s a full plate due to its well-constructed stages! Of course, also because of its story that focuses on Spyro, a small dragon who must traverse the entire Dragon Kingdom to defeat the villain Gnasty Gnorc.

In this game, we are challenged to go through different worlds and stages completely built in 3D, allowing for freer exploration. Furthermore, it is even possible to use, in a more practical way, attack sequences and special moves to defeat enemies.

8. Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Mortal Kombat Trilogy is the most complete version of the franchise to arrive on the first PlayStation, bringing dozens of fighters to select and fight against the computer or a friend.

Among the new features added in this version is the creation of an Aggression bar, which when completed makes the character faster and stronger for a short period. Therefore, using it strategically can offer an advantage in combat.

7. CTR: Crash Team Racing

CTR: Crash Team Racing is a racing game with a feel very similar to Mario Kart. This is because, in addition to requiring skill at the wheel, it is also possible to count on the help of items to gain an advantage in disputes.

In total, we have 15 characters to select from (7 of which are secret), as well as varied game modes, missions to complete and other elements that help the title to be well remembered by players — even 24 years after its launch.

6. Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is certainly one of the favorite titles of players who enjoy the fighting genre, featuring characters with their own combat styles, several modes and mechanics that favor movement around the scene. The combination allows the fighter to move closer to or away from the background, avoiding attacks.

Another point that helped Tekken 3 to become popular is that it brought two beloved extra modes: the Tekken Force minigames (inspired by the classic beat’em ups) and Tekken Ball (a mix of beach volleyball and brawling).

5. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

The franchise Resident Evil was born on PlayStation 1, receiving three main games on the platform. The last of the trilogy is, precisely, one of the most popular titles for emulating the Sony video game.

Unlike the other two games in the series, the third episode allows you to control only Jill Valentine as the protagonist through the streets of Raccoon City. She tries to find out more about Umbrella’s plans, while facing the dangers of Nemesis, a new villain who promises to eliminate the survivors of the STARS squad.

4. Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid is a PlayStation 1 classic created by Hideo Kojima, and is another one of those games that didn’t take long to become popular with the public — not only because of its story, but also its gameplay.

One of the strengths of the series is that it has relied on stealth action., requiring players to go through levels eliminating enemies without causing too much fuss whenever possible. This means that things become much more complicated and violent if the protagonist is discovered.

3. Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is the type of character that ended up being more successful than anyone imagined, as in addition to starring in one of the most popular platform games on the PlayStation 1, it even became the official mascot of Sony’s video game.

The title brings all the elements already known from the platform genre, in addition to charismatic characters, and good decisions when mixing stages with 3D and 2D environments.

2. Silent Hill

When Konami made available Silent Hillperhaps you didn’t imagine how successful the franchise would be, being remembered to this day as one of the main games in the horror genre. This, incidentally, also explains why it is in second place among the most emulated PlayStation 1 games.

There were several elements that helped the franchise become a success: from the urban setting, to iconic enemies and a narrative in-depth with philosophy.

1. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Many players already expected that Castlevania: Symphony of the Night would be well positioned on the list of the most emulated games on PlayStation 1, as he practically redefined the series and created a subgenre adopted by several other games.

Everything here contributed to the game becoming a great classic, from the soundtrack to the ambiance. In fact, this is a point worth highlighting, as there are several environments to explore and different enemies ready to put an end to your journey — unless you use the Shield Rod trick to take out some of them.

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