After about a month of silence from Microsoft, Phil Spencer, commander of the company’s gaming division, spoke for the first time about the sudden and inexplicable price increase of the Xbox Series S No brazil. At the beginning of November, the cost-benefit console became around R$1000 more expensive in the country.

The executive commented on the subject during an interview with influencer Haru, at CCXP 2023, which takes place in São Paulo. During the event, Phil Spencer commented on the Brazilian community’s love for the Xbox and spoke about the price issuebut did not provide explanations for the adjustment in the value of the Xbox Series S.

“Obviously there was a lot of discussion around our recent prices and the feedback we received from the community,” said the executive on the issue of values ​​in Brazil. “We have been in this market for 17 years as Xbox, we have even manufactured consoles nationally.”

According to Phil Spencer, the company remains open to listening to Brazilian gamers, but did not provide further details regarding the Xbox Series S issue. “We listen to gamers, we don’t always do what they want all the time, but I love how Brazilian fans and the community are passionate and supportive.”

Xbox presence in Brazil

During the interview, Phil Spencer also highlighted the importance of the Brazilian market for the Xbox games division. The executive said that the country’s market is at the forefront of the brand’s business, which justifies its presence at events such as CCXP.

“The Xbox community here in Brazil is at the forefront as we look at trends in our business,” explained the executive. I think it’s important for us to show up, listen and make sure we respect the investment that the Brazilian community makes in Xbox and show that we respect and value that.”

Despite Phil Spencer’s obtuse words, It is still difficult to predict whether we will see any return, in practice, from the brand regarding the price increase of the Xbox Series S in Brazil. Now we just have to wait for more details to come directly from the company.

Understand the controversy

Last month, Xbox announced, through its press office, a sudden increase in the price of the Xbox Series S. The adjustment raised the value of the console to R$3,599, which ended up undermining the product’s prices during Black Friday 2023.

In addition to not providing explanations regarding the adjustment, Xbox Brasil remained silent regarding the matter on its social networks. The movement ended up generating revolt among some of the brand’s fans, triggering campaigns that even reached Phil Spencer’s Twitter (X) profiles.

After the adjustment, it is possible to find the Xbox Series S for prices around R$2,730 at retail. Previously, during promotions, it was possible to find the device costing up to R$1800 on the market.


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