Palworld, the action and survival game that became known for being a “Pokémon with weapons”, continues a phenomenon in the market. Developer Pocketpair released this Monday (22) new brands broken by the game.

The latest information from the studio is that Palworld sold five million copies in just three days on the market. The numbers are high in any context, but they become even more impressive when taking into account that the title released on January 19th is still in the early access phase.

Furthermore, the title is also available to subscribers of the Game Pass service and is at the top of the list of most played games on Xbox, which makes the number of copies sold an even greater feat. For now, the game is only out for Xbox Series X/S and PC, and has already generated many memes due to the name with double meaning in Portuguese.

Palworld has already sold five million copies, according to the studio.

Palworld has new historical record

Another feat achieved by the Palworld phenomenon involves the amount of concurrent players on the Steam platform. This Monday (22), the title reached a peak of 1.48 million players connected at the same time on the platform.

In addition to being a success today, the game reached a historic milestone on Steam, surpassing player peaks for titles such as Elden Ring, Dota 2 e Cyberpunk 2077 — which still has a high number of players, especially after the arrival of the Phantom Liberty DLC.

The current top 10 peak concurrent players on Steam.The current top 10 peak concurrent players on Steam.Fonte:  SteamDB

With the impressive numbers, the game needed a weekend to enter the history of the most played on Steam, remaining close to the top of the platform. Historically, it is second only to other phenomena: Counter Strike 2which had a peak of 1.8 million players when it was still CS:GO, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegroundso popular PUBG

In January 2018, before becoming a free-to-play title and at the height of its popularity as a pioneer of battle royale games, PUBG reached the mark of 3.2 million simultaneous players. The question that remains now is: will Palworld continue to grow?

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