There is a lot of speculation about what the next big project in the franchise will be. Resident Evil. Potentially, considering we already got the reimagining of the fourth game last year, now fans are waiting for the sequel to Village — which could arrive this year. Now, other rumors claim that the remake of the first game is in production.

The information was released in a video on the channel Biohazard Declassified, who claims to have received the details in an alleged email. According to rumors, Capcom intends to release the remake of Resident Evil 1 in 2026 — when the franchise completes 30 years of history.

In addition, there is a list of things detailing the possible project — which you can see below:

  • Game name is Biohazard: RE1;
  • It will have a slower pace than RE2 Remake;
  • Each Zombie will have its own unique model, due to the small number of enemies in the game;
  • More bullets are needed to eliminate zombies in RE1 than in RE2 Remakethe term “bullet sponges” is mentioned;
  • Crimson Heads will return;
  • The history of Resident Evil 1 will be explored in detail;
  • A different third-person camera will be used, with slower pacing again;
  • There are no more pre-rendered backgrounds like in classic games. Each room will load assets in the background and the rest of the assets will load when the doors are opened. This is to improve the look and lighting.

What story is told in Resident Evil 1?

Resident Evil 1 It’s where it all began for the franchise, which debuted in 1996 on the PS1. The plot addresses the mission of the STARS Alpha team — an elite Raccoon City police squad that is sent to the mountains of Arklay to investigate mysterious murders.

The group is made up of Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and Barry Burton. Therefore, the cast is one of the most respected in the entire series. The setting is also nostalgic: the iconic Spencer Mansion.

The cast of the first Resident Evil is one of the most loved by fans.Source: Capcom

The game is a milestone in the survival horror genre and has an extremely intriguing conspiracy story. Who knows, maybe we’ll see things that are only told in the files spread throughout the game, right?

The remake of the remake has not yet been made official

Resident Evil 1 It was released in 1996 for PS1 and had its first remake in 2002, exclusively on the GameCube. The reimagining is considered by many to be the best game in the franchise. Later, in 2015, the remake received an HD version for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Now, if the rumors are rightwe will have the remake of the remake, this time based on the powerful RE.Engine — Capcom’s graphics engine that can give a new look and, who knows, a new perspective to the classic.

Remembering that nothing has been officially confirmed by Capcom – therefore, treat the text with caution.

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