One of the main features for those who have a Netflix mobile subscription is the possibility of accessing several games for free. However, with so many options available on this list, the question remains: which ones are worth it?

If you have access to this service and are looking for some games to enjoy, check it out below a list of 10 great games that are available for free on the mobile app.

1. Terra Nil

If you like games that focus on building and management with a style feel not style SimCitythere are high chances of being attracted by Terra Nil.

In this game, the idea is to transform a completely devastated environment into an ecosystem full of life. With a more environmental focus, you must return rivers and forests to their natural status, completing missions and managing resources to complete that mission.

2. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home

Valiant Hearts: The Great War caught the attention of many for showing a more touching side of the First World War. Similarly, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home comes with the same proposal.

Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is exclusive to Netflix subscribers and focuses on the actions of the Harlem Hellfighters, the first African-American regiment to fight in the First World War. In command of varied characters, you need to solve puzzles and develop a story focused on brotherhood and companionship.

3. TMNT: Shreeder’s Revenge

Launched in 2022, TMNT: Shreeder’s Revenge is a classic beat’em up in which you choose your favorite character and start exchanging slaps.

One of the differences of this game is the fact that it allows up to six players to team up to defeat the stages of the main campaign. Furthermore, it is the first title to allow you to control Master Splinter, all of this in addition to combos, special moves and even taunts for the characters.

4.Samurai Shodown

This one is for fans of fighting games, and brings a more updated version to one of the most famous games ever produced by SNK.

After choosing your character, the objective is to participate in combats that involve sword strikes and magic to overcome your opponents. Here you can participate both in combat in Arcade mode and against other players, being able to select between 27 different characters for this.

5. Moonlighter

Moonlighter is an action RPG game with roguelike elements, allowing you to explore different environments while managing an item store.

From time to time, you need to pay attention to NPCs that arrive at the establishment, because malicious people may try to get their hands on your assets. If this happens, you will certainly be at a loss.

6. Immortality

Immortality It has a slightly different feel compared to other projects. Here, We are facing an interactive film full of suspense and challenges.

The story of this game focuses on Marissa Marcel, a movie star who mysteriously disappeared. Now, it’s up to you to delve into this mystery and discover the truth behind this event in a plot full of twists and exploration.

7. Oxenfree II

Do you like games with a more scary style? So have no doubt that Oxenfree II will bring good moments of action to your smartphone screen.

Set in the 1980s, the proposal is to control Riley Poverly and try to discover some paranormal events that happen in the city of Camena. One of the differences here is choose the direction of the story while defining the best way to deal with supernatural manifestations.

8. Kentucky Route Zero

Don’t be fooled by the more minimalist graphic style of Kentucky Route Zeroas it is capable of bringing a lot of challenge in its five acts.

Throughout this journey, the protagonist Conway will come into contact with several characters as he tries to put together puzzles to make his last delivery. All this happens in classic style point-and-clickwith total focus on the atmosphere and the unfolding of the story.

9. Twelve Minutes

Em Twelve Minutesthe objective is to guide the protagonist who sees his life change after a police officer knocks on his door and murders his family.

After this incident, he goes back in time and needs to try to discover the reasons that led to his death. Each attempt and failure opens up new possibilities for the story to unfold.which has different endings depending on your choices.

10. Spiritfarer

If you like platform games and cartoons, Spiritfarer It’s a title that will certainly take up a lot of your time.

The proposal here is to control Stella, the protagonist who awakens in a small boat and comes into contact with Charon, Hades’ boatman in Greek mythology. Therefore, the proposal here is to bring a game full of challenges and a reflection on deathsomething we don’t often find in games.

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