Released in 2005 for PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube, Need For Speed Most Wanted is one of the most iconic titles in the franchise after the line Underground — which also marked the PS2 generation. For the time, it already had a very bold look, which has now become even better with the implementation of a ray tracing mod.

The person who shared the video on YouTube was the channel Cycu1which drew several comparisons of NFS Most Wanted rodando com o mod WIP RTX Remix Path Tracing. Despite not having technical specifications, such as frame rate or resolution, the content places the original version side by side with the one modified by the mod. The evolution, of course, is remarkable, even though the feature is still in the early stages of development. Check out:

Even though the mod’s current patch isn’t the final version, it’s really remarkable what has been done to the graphics. Need For Speed Most Wanted. The amount of detail from one version to the next is significant and even the lighting is very well done — both in the cars and on the tracks, which now also have new textures.

Of course, the mod isn’t perfect. Something that bothered me a little was the quality of the smoke, which comes out from under cars with lots of polygons — which visually doesn’t look very natural. The movement of the vehicles is also a little stilted, but, apparently, it is nothing that interferes with the gameplay.

RTX Remix also made Need For Speed ​​Underground 2 even more beautiful

The iconic Need For Speed Underground 2 was not forgotten. An RTX Remix mod created by UncleBurrito it also did wonders for the classic’s graphics, providing 4K resolutions and a consistent frame rate at 60 FPS. Look:

The modder managed to work wonders on the game’s lighting, which now looks even more real with the RTX Remix graphical upgrade. If you are interested in the mod, know that you can download it through this link.

NVIDIA’s RTX Remix works miracles in old games

If you don’t know, RTX Remix is ​​an NVIDIA technology that gives modders complete freedom to create remasters of classic games. The tool easily captures game assets, automatically enhances materials through generative artificial intelligence, and quickly implements beautiful visuals using ray tracing and DLSS 3.

The tool gives a lot of freedom to independent devs to work on their favorite old games. Just to name a few examples, in addition to Need For Speed Most Wanted e Underground 2a modder also worked on a patch for the first Max Payne, for example. Check it out below:

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