In this article you can see all the teams classified for MSI 2024! The first international League of Legends championship will feature the best teams in the world, including a Brazilian one!

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Teams classified for MSI 2204

  • Team Liquid (LCS #1)
  • G2 (LEC EMEA)
  • Flyquest (LCS #2)
  • Gen.G (LCK)
  • Estral (LLA)
  • GAM Esports (VCS)

How many places does each region have at MSI 2024?

  • LPL (China) – 2 places
  • LCK (South Korea) – 2 places
  • LEC EMEA (Europe) – 2 places
  • LCS (North America) – 2 places
  • PCS (Southeast Asia) – 1 vacancy
  • VCS (Vietnam) – 1 place
  • ALL (Latin America) – 1 vague
  • CBLOL (Brazil) – 1 vacancy

Understand the MSI 2024 format

MSI 2024 starts on Entry Phase, in which teams from emerging regions (PCS, VCS, LLA and CBLOL) and Seed #2 teams from MAjor regions (LCK, LPL, LEC and LCS). A draw will be made with the eight teams, who will play two different brackets in an MD3 format with double elimination. The first and second place in each group advances to the Group Stage.

In the Bracket Phase, the four classified from the Entry Phase join the champions of the Major regions. Everyone competed in a single bracket in a double elimination format, with series in MD5.

MSI will offer a place for Worlds 2024!

Riot announced that from 2024 the MSI will have a direct impact on the LoL World Cup. The MSI 2024 champion will have a direct place in the Worlds, but to do so, he needs to at least go to the playoffs in his league in the second split. The MSI runner-up guarantees an additional spot for their region.

When and where does LoL MSI 2024 take place?

O MSI 2024 starts on May 1st and runs until May 19th. The tournament will be hosted in Chengdu, already China.

O More Esports will provide complete coverage of the MSI 2024, So stay tuned to stay up to date with all the tournament news, exclusive player interviews, team analysis, curiosities and more!

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