After being champion of the first split of LEC 2024, the G2 becomes the first team to qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2024! The competition will still receive another champion from LEC and of course: from other regions!

Classification for MSI 2024

For the LEC, which will have two splits until MSI 2024, there will be two classified teams: the champion of 1º Split receives a direct vacancy for the Competition play-in, which in this case was G2. The winner of the 2º Split qualifies directly for the MSI Group Stage.

If G2 wins again, for example, they will take their place in the Group Stage and the second place will be decided by a Regional Final.

In the case of other regions majors: those classified will be the biggest seeds in the competition, that is, first and second place.

When does MSI 2024 take place?

O MSI 2024 starts on May 1st and big The final takes place on May 19th.

Where will LoL’s MSI 2024 be held?

O MSI 2024 takes place in Chengdu, already China. It is the second time that the MSI has been held in China, the first was in 2016, when the tournament was hosted in Shanghai.

Or what changes from MSI this year?

Riot announced that from 2024 the MSI will have a direct impact on the LoL World Cup. The MSI 2024 champion will have a direct place in the Worlds, but to do so, he needs to at least go to the playoffs in his league in the second split. The MSI runner-up guarantees an additional spot for their region.

(Image: Disclosure/LoL)
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