Revealed at The Game Awards in December last year, Monster Hunter Wilds is the next big project in the franchise that Capcom is currently working on. During Sony’s State of Play last Thursday (30), the Japanese giant showed a lot of cool things about the sequel, including a vast gameplay full of action.

The adventure trailer showed several different perspectives, from cinematics to raw gameplay — and the RE Engine, as usual, made everything even more beautiful.

Furthermore, it was possible to take a look at the different arsenal of weapons, as well as the vast biomes and a wide variety of monsters of all types of sizes.

Check out the trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds:

Discover Monster Hunter Wilds

Em Monster Hunter Wilds players will join a research team investigating a mysterious universe called the Forbidden Lands. It will be possible to play with up to four friends against a series of fantastic and challenging beasts.

Some of the sequel’s cool new features include new mounts called Seikrets, which will allow players to perform various actions on the move — such as sharpening weapons or collecting materials.

Monster Hunter Wilds arrives sometime in 2025.Fonte:  PlayStation (YouTube)

It is worth remembering that the entire desert region where the game is set will undergo transformations at all times. They can range from simple climate changes to large-scale earthquakes and sandstorms. Potentially, dynamic features that can spice up gameplay.

When will Monster Hunter Wilds be released?

During the revelation of Monster Hunter Wilds no The Game Wards 2023, Capcom confirmed that the game will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Although the date was not revealed on this occasion, The sequel is expected to arrive sometime in 2025.

More information about Monster Hunter Wilds will be revealed during the Summer Game Fest presentation, the main announcement event that takes place next Friday (07).

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