Lionel Messi became one of the new co-owners of KRÜ Esports! The announcement took place this Tuesday (7) through the organization’s social networks, which is present in several modalities such as VALUING and others.

A few days ago the community speculated about the possible departure of Sergio Aguero, however, the football player went live and broke the news. Now, Messi, who won the Ballon d’Or for the eighth time in his career, joins the organization.

Messi announcement with suspense

In the video published by KRÜ Esports, Agüero is suspenseful and says that he will leave the organization, however, after showing a retrospective of the history in esports, he reveals that the team has two owners.

Previously, the former football player presented his longtime friend with an organization t-shirt.

KRÜ Esports no esports

Founded in 2020 by Agüero, KRÜ Esports has achieved great prominence, especially on the international VALORANT scene. The team reached the Top 4 of Champions 2021 and is a member of VCT Americas.

Furthermore, KRÜ is widely recognized by Brazilian teams in Rocket League and in the inclusive VALORANT scene.

(Photo: Disclosure/KRÜ Esports)
Raquel Ferreira
published in November 7, 2023edited a day ago


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