Venom isn’t the only symbiote that appears in Spider-Man 2. Another creature present in the game is Scream, one of the alien villain’s offspring who, in a surprise twist, becomes a new enemy for Peter Parker.

In this article, the Voxel tells a little about Scream’s history, as well as revealing how it appears in Insomniac’s new game. Be aware, as the following text contains major spoilers for the story.

Who is the Scream symbiote?

Scream is a villain, sometimes anti-heroine, generated from Venom. Originally, her host is Donna Diego, a Life Foundation volunteer.

Originally, Scream is one of Venom’s offspring.Source: Marvel Fandom

She has different characteristics from Venom, such as the tentacles that form her hair, the ability to generate clothes for camouflage and a copy of Spider-Man’s powers — such as webs, adherence to practically any surface, spider sense and super strength.

His look is a mix between red and yellow, in addition to his face resembling Venom’s, including his sharp teeth.

How Scream appears in Spider-Man 2?

Em Spider-Man 2, however, Scream’s origin is significantly changed and gives new contours to the symbiote. In the game, the alien’s host is Mary Jane, Peter Parker’s wife, and appears after Harry, then dominated by Venom, meets the girl.

In this version, she is completely a villain and swears revenge on Peter Parker. Her main motivation is anger at her husband’s neglect of the relationship and resentment over previous problems.

During the fight, she confesses some of these pains, such as having given up personal dreams to protect Peter Parker.

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