It’s not just in Brazil that the transfer window is in full swing. In China, it was even up to JDG, current champion of both stages of the LPL and also of the 2023 MSI.

In recent days, the organization revealed some changes they will have in the team for next year. Firstly, 369, top laner, left the team and in recent days, the departure of mid laner Knight was also made official.

Even with the departures, two of the team’s fundamental pieces continue into the next competitive season: Ruler e Kanvi. The organization announced this Monday (04) the maintenance of the South Korean duo.

Who will be the other JDG players?

According to rumors circulating in the Chinese LoL scene, the current champion of the two LPL stages will have Yagao not place of knightmid laner who has already played for the organization for five years and lifted the league trophy.

No top, Flanderschampion of the 2021 Worlds with EDG and was on pause, is tipped to replace 369. In terms of support, Missing He was the only one who had a longer contract and will remain in the squad.

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Luis Santana
published in December 4, 2023


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