The competitive environment is sometimes too cruel. And the numbers can be even scarier. In this LPL 2024o DoggoUP’s ADC surprised with a victory percentage the beard of Lucian.

Lucian’s dog

In game 2 of IG against UP, Doggo selected champion Lucian, who at the moment had only 1 victory with the champion, in 12 matches. Check the numbers:

Image: Reproduction/GolGG

Doggo had just 8% of victoriesem 12 games. It was just one victory with the champion – and this is because Lucian experienced a golden phase in 2023, where most of the defeats occurred.

New year, same story

In another attempt with the champion, now in LPL 2024, history repeated itself and Doggo lost once again. Check the match numbers:

Now, it is no longer 8% victory, but 7.69%. And then the question remains: is it better to adapt despite Lucian’s strength or maintain a negative victory percentage?

To know this, we will have to follow LPL 2024 more, and see Doggo’s next clashes.

Next confrontation

Doggo and his Ultra Prime’s next series is against LGD, next Saturday (27/01).

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In the photo Doggo, who at the time played for PSG, and now performs in the LPL, but Lucian is still missing
Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games
Sergio Fiorini
published in January 24, 2024edited 2 days ago


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