If you are main Zed and you think the champion is weak in League of Legends, you can get used to it. The rioter August, of the balancing team, admitted that the game’s balancing team is intentionally keeping Zed weaker and it will be like this “forever”.

Why does Riot keep Zed weak?

On stream, August explained that the decision was made due to the negative impact that the champion has on the gaming experience, being considered extremely frustrating by players and resulting in a high ban rate.

I’ll be very honest with you, Zed is weak and will be intentionally kept weak forever because he’s the most frustrating champion in the game.

Riot August: “Zed Is Weak And Will Be Intentionally Kept Weak Forever Because He Is The Most Frustrating Champion In The Game”
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Currently the character ban rate remains around 24,8%, placing it among the most banned, behind only names like Briar, Blitzcrank and Yone. In some updates, Zed’s ban rate even reached the 40%.

Currently, Zed has a win rate of 48% no mid e 47% on jungle.

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Riot considers Zed a “frustrating” champion if he gets too strong

In addition to the ban rate, Riot considers Zed to be “the most frustrating champion” in League of Legends, a perception that has significantly influenced the decision to keep him in a weaker state.

Since his release in 2012, Zed has become an icon among the game’s assassins, known for his decisive moves and significant impact on matches.

Obviously Rioter’s speech generated a lot of discussion in the community, as this perception of keeping a weaker champion due to players’ perceived frustration could affect other characters in the future.

zed prestige project
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Bruno Rodrigues
published in December 1, 2023

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