A I live Keyd Stars announced its entry into the inclusive League of Legends scene, expanding its participation in Brazilian electronic sports. With teams already established in the main categories, the organization adds a new line-up, this time to compete in the Ignis Cup 2024, the official Riot Games inclusive championship.

Line-up da Vivo Keyd Stars para a Ignis Cup 2024

Vivo Keyd Stars’ inclusive team is made up of Exiled (Top), Azura (Jungler), empress (Mid), Ryuko (ADC) e Ayla (Support), com Massayuki acting as part of the Coaching Staff.

Hugo TristãoCEO of Vivo Keyd Stars, expressed his satisfaction with this expansion:

Vivo Keyd Stars has a well-recognized name in the League of Legends scene in Brazil, and it is essential that we are present in tournaments that are important for both the community and the esports ecosystem. We are dedicated to providing our new line-up with all the support necessary to achieve great competitive results, maintaining the champion mentality that characterizes our organization.

The strategy for the new team follows the successful model applied to other Vivo Keyd Stars teams, with long, medium and short term action plans and a complete support structure that includes psychological support, physiotherapy, an intensive training routine and full integration into the organization’s ecosystem.

Ignis Cup 2024

Vivo Keyd Stars’ entry into the inclusive scene comes at a key moment, with Riot Games’ 2024 IGNIS Cup introducing three splits and open qualifiers, aiming to expand opportunities for players across the ecosystem.

The team will debut in the first open qualifier, scheduled for March 28, seeking its place in the main competition.

(Photo: Disclosure/Keyd)
Bruno RodriguesBruno Rodrigues
published in March 28, 2024

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lol-vivo-keyd-stars-anuncia-line-up-inclusiva-e-mira-a-ignis-cup-2024

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