Riot Games has made several updates that will be coming to League of Legends along with the new season of 2024. This Friday (5) the developer announced that the anti-cheat used no VALUING arrives at MOBA between February and March.

The decision to implement the anti-cheating system, VANGUARDin League came in response to community feedback to highlight concerns about the presence of bots, smurfs and cheaters in the game.

Motivation to implement VALORANT Anti-cheat in League

The current game director, Andrei Van Roonexplained that the measure aims to protect players from unfair practices that affect the gaming experience.

The decision is similar to the successful implementation of VANGUARD not VALORANTwhere detected cheating leads to the immediate termination of matches and the return of ranking points to impacted players.

(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

How will VANGUARD work in LoL?

VANGUARD will run constantly on “kernel mode” on players’ computers while League of Legends is open.

Although it only interferes during the game, the driver will work constantly, detecting possible cheating applications and blocking vulnerability exploits.

Just like VALORANT, LoL cannot be run without VANGUARD running in the background.

History and Past Reactions

Anticheat Vanguard
VANGUARD, Valorant anticheat (Image: Riot Games)

When VANGUARD launched with Riot’s FPS in 2020, debates arose due to its considered nature “too intrusive”. The constant analysis of hardware information has raised concerns about the privacy of player data.

However, over the years, Riot Games has worked to reduce VANGUARD’s interference with external software by responding to criticism and concerns from the community.

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