A LeBlanc AD has been a problem in League of Legends ranked queues. After players discovered that Statikk has great synergy with the champion, now the fashion is to mix AD and tank items, making it a very strong pick in soloQ and highly contested.

Next, the More Esports will teach you everything about Leblanc AD no LoL. We’ll show you its strengths and build items, but we’ll warn you right away: it will be nerfed in the next patch!

The build of the new LeBlanc AD

The items for this new way of playing with the champion continue to be with the Faca de Staticshowever, you do not go to the default itemization and go straight to Strength of the Trinityfollowed by Hullbreaker. Soon after, Knife Rain or Smoking Cannonand, finally, tank items to complete the build.

ShowMaker with LeBlanc AD. Reproduction/LoLVV

Why is LeBlanc AD strong?

  • Very good start of the game, with lane push and can pressure enemies;
  • Waveclear very strong after closing Statikk;
  • Pressure all the time, which makes it unbearable when running around the map or invading the opponent’s jungle;
  • You can duel on the sidelanes for the build and take towers quickly;

Several professional players are already starting to use this new way of playing with LeBlanc. Tinowns, and LOUD, for example, he already played on the South Korean soloQ a few times during the bootcamp.

LeBlanc AD will be nerfed

In a statement, Phreak, one of the LoL developers, stated that this new LeBlanc will undergo changes to reduce its strength. According to him, it’s better to nip this in the bud before the champion ruins Worlds 2023.

The changes to the champion will arrive in patch 13.19 and were not foreseen in the preview that the developers released last week. As mentioned by Rioter, the changes will be in Statikk, Trinity Force and also the need for LeBlanc by mana.

Patch 13.19 de LoL

The next League of Legends update should arrive on the game’s official servers on September 27th. Check out some of the changes already announced by the developers a few days ago.

Image of Leblanc AD in LoL
Image: Disclosure/LoL
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