According to the website LoLalyticswhich ranks champions according to win percentages, picks and bans, the Urgot is the third best Master+ top-laner on the server Korean! And today the More Esports will make you dominate the choice!

Why is Urgot so strong in Korea?

It’s simple: Quebracascos is outside the curve for the champion. The item, if you don’t remember, benefits the fifth attack against champions and Urgot is an attacking machine.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

And now imagine this added to the fact that you have 6 stacks of a passive that energizes your Basic Attack, causing more Physical Damage.

In the photo, Urgot's passive
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Spells for Korean Urgot

Urgot, in case you didn’t know, has one of the best level ones in the game. Therefore, Flash and Fire are practically mandatory.

You will only dispense with Ignite in cases where the enemy is as strong as level one and can beat you at speed: Trundle and Olaf are good examples. In this case, choose ghost

Runes for Korean Urgot

The Runes are very traditional for the champion, although some players like to use Conqueror, what you want is Press Attack! The rune matches what has already been mentioned: lots of Basic Attacks, and a reward for hitting so much. Check out:

In the photo, the runes for Urgot that has been dominating the Korean ranks
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

This is generally the choice of runes on the Korean server, where you will be able to apply them in most situations, whether with Ignite or Ghost. But if you opt for ghost, and feel like you’ll be able to kill at levels 1/2/3, this might be a better option:

In the photo, a second option of runes to emulate the Korean Urgot
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

The premise is basically the same, the difference is that you will do even more damage at the beginning of the game.

Gameplay with Korean Urgot – First levels

The first skills you want for levels are EWQ, this is because at the beginning of the route, you want to go to the last bush and hit the rival top-laner after the wave of minions.

In the photo, a representation of how to play in the first wave with the Korean Urgot
Image: Reproduction/LoLDobby

And never forget, you will give the Basic Attacks of your passive, don’t use E early, just to redirect the enemy away from the minion wave and apply more passive. He will have to backtrack because of the Press Attack and you even get a shield with E!

With this you can get level 2 first, and then just combine: Basic AttackEBasic AttackW. The chance of you getting an early kill with this is huge.

Gameplay with Korean Urgot – Early-Game

You opt for early aggression precisely because you want early kills. Don’t forget: playing without your Flash is dangerous, don’t be so aggressive in this situation until you have Quebracascos.

If you have Demolish in Runes, always try to get a barricade early to speed up the item. One last tip for the beginning of the game, is at level 4 for one more point in Q, and for the rest of the game maximize WQE.

In the photo, Urgot, who is dominating the Korean Server Top in the Mestre+ links
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

And how to play the mid/late game

As soon as you reach level 6, be aggressive under the opponent’s tower, try to create situations with your R and never forget to vary your attacks – especially if you already have Hullbreaker.

The intention is to be similar to a Trundle: if no one responds to you in the sidelane, you take everything, but if they respond you kill them. The advantage over the Ice Troll is that Urgot fights a much better 5×5, being able to catch a priority target with E+Flash, or ulting a priority target and causing Fear in the area.

In the photo, Urgot, who is dominating the Korean Server Top in the Mestre+ links
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Items for Urgot

The itemization varies: you always use Hullbreaker and Black Cleaver, and rush the second only against very crude Tanks. Then you’ll want to opt for Sterak, Randuins and/or Frozen Heart and Wailing Rookern and/or Void Radiance.

A golden tip: if they get a counter to kite you (like Vayne top), choose to rush Boots of Rapidity, it’s the best way to nullify this type of champion early!

But when is the doll’s spike?

Literally, as already mentioned, you just need to close Quebracascos. You dominate the side, do 1v2, and also deal much more damage and – often – the enemy won’t expect such a tanky item to make you so strong.

For more tips, watch the video LoL Dobby!


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