It’s been a few days since patch 14.2 debuted and some numbers have changed a lot. One of the strongest champions in soloQ is Maokaithe champion has one of the scariest appearance and win percentages in the elo belt Master +and it’s not even from Jungle!

Maokai has the highest win percentage

The owner of highest win percentage of the link Master + (62.12%) and the ninth most selected character in this range of links (12.52% attendance) is Maokai Support! The champion is benefiting from other strong champions and has become a machine.

Even without receiving any buff to his skills or preferred items, Maokai surprises with its simplicity of execution and being able to pull plays for your team.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Items that make Maokai Support strong

Some items have closed the biggest gap in Maokai Support: movement. O Pathfinder and the Solstice Sleigh they form an interesting combo with the character. Let’s try to understand the interactions:


In most of the “new builds” this little guy has appeared. The Pathfinder is a great item for Maokai to combine with the Movement Speed ​​bonus that the champion receives when using R. Besides, it helps to reach the opponent and also gives Speed ​​to your team, which does not create that situation of you go too far and your team can’t keep up.

In the photo the item numbers of the Pathfinder
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Solstice Sleigh

In the evolution of your World Atlasyou will choose Solstice Sleigh. Check out the item’s achievements:

In the photo the numbers and passives of Treno do Solstice, a great choice for Maokai Support
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Hey, did you catch the keywords? Slow o Q do Maokai tem, Immobilize you can with W and R. Then you can heal a target with lower health and still grant Movement Speed? Insane combo with the Pathfinder!

The most popular choice of third item is the Iron Solari Medallion, that way you can use the shield for your carries before entering. The rest of the build is situational: Frozen heart, Whining Rookern, Knight’s Oath e Thorn Armor are good options.

Best Bot duos with Maokai Support

As a supporter, you have two preferences: Ezreal or Miss Fortunechampions that are very strong in 14.2, because for EZ he can resolve himself and/or accompany you and for MF you guarantee a complete ultimate.

With the same intention, the Jhin Benefits from Solstice Sled’s bonus Movement Speed ​​and Maokai’s Crowd Control amount. And by going too “forward” to Samira gains a lot of value.

Foot on the brake!

It’s worth saying that to fight you need to be very patient, be careful not to leave your ADC too far aside with the intention of trapping the other ADC. A good feature of Maokai is also being a CC machine for your ADC to get space!

Sergio Fiorini
published in January 30, 2024


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