Some combinations of champions are simply superior than others and end up standing out in League of Legends at certain times. this is the case from this bot lane duo that is dominating soloQ in the last two updates.

The duo of the moment is Ashe com Soraka. The two champions are simply at the top of every league in LoL. Currently, in patch 13.16, they reach a win rate that almost reaches 56%but parked in 55.37%. The biggest among all other duos.

Bot lane duo has been dominating soloQ for two patches

Since 13.15, Ashe and Soraka are the duo that have been dominating soloQ. In the previous one, patch 13.14, the duo was already at the top, but still lost to other combinations that were stronger at the time, such as Rell e Miss Fortune.

With a lane phase that annoys due to the constant poke by Ashe’s W alongside Soraka’s, the duo manages to dominate most of the champions they play against in the bottom lane. In addition, due to the slowdown that ADC causes, it is more peaceful for ganks, especially at level 6 when Ashe has her ultimate.

In fights, it’s even more relaxed, given all the support and healing that Soraka can give not only to Ashe, but to the rest of the team. There are still no indications that either champion will be nerfed by Riot Games.

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Luis Santana
published in August 29, 2023


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