O Teemo has always been a very specific character in the LoLno wonder it wasn’t being nerfed, but now it’s experiencing a onda the grain. Did you know that practically in a month the champion suffered 4 nerves? Apart from this clipping, the last time the champion was nerfed was 10 years ago.

Nerf no Teemo

The most recent nerf on Teemo happened in patch 14.2, and the focus was on increasing Ult’s cooldown and reducing the percentage of Ability Power on E. The champion had been nerfed in the previous patch, 14.1 B, check it out:

Image/Reproduction: Riot Games

And in the text, Riot explains the reason for the consecutive Nerfs, the new item Malevolence.

In the photo, the Malevolence item, a perfect combination with Teemo
Image/Reproduction: Riot Games

The item suits Teemo perfectly, as damaging a champion with the ultimate is not that difficult for the champion. And your ultimate burn, having an item that burns and reduces Magic Resistance? Bizarre!

The last nerf was 10 years ago

After these 4 nerfs in 2 patches, Teemo’s last nerf was 10 years ago. What happened was in patch 4.3, when they reduced the percentages of Ability Power received in the champion’s R, check it out:

Nerf on Teemo 10 years ago
Image: Reproduction/LeagueOfLegends Wiki

Community reacts

Of course, something so specific wouldn’t go unnoticed on Reddit, and fans commented and reacted to Riot’s achievement.

Champion is strong with one item;

Riot nerfs the champion;

Riot nerfs the champion;

Riot nerfs the champion;

Riot nerfs the champion; —-> ✅ You are here.

Riot lifts o item;

The champion is trash.

A player complains. And another agrees:

They release some really broken items, great on several characters, and they don’t admit that the problem is the items. They prefer to destroy the champion.

A fan quotes a line from Riot Phreak to try to explain the phenomenon.

Phreak has said several times that their idea is to nerf the champions and make the items strong, for example: they want the Riftcraft item to be good to build, regardless of the strength of the champion itself. At least there’s a reason for the nerfs

Another community member comments along the same lines, but criticizing:

Which is also crazy, didn’t the entire narrative of Season 14 make it seem like you could have multiple champions of your choice and not just be a collection of items for a few characters?

One player elaborates that – for now – the new season fulfills its role:

To be honest, I feel much freer being able to choose what to build first, and obviously every character has some “mandatory” items, but it’s much better this way than it was with mythical items

There are still fans who agree with Phreak’s thoughts

Honestly, I’m ok with that. I prefer to have strong items that benefit whoever makes them (For example, Malevolence benefits characters that deal constant damage in the ult) and thus feel that the item works, instead of last season where you had to choose a mythic that forced you to choose with and how to play.

A player also discards the memes and prefers to be serious:

Let’s be honest here, without jokes and memes about Teemo being the villain of the game. He was easy to deal with for another decade, Teemo isn’t a Zeri where her abilities are the problem.

Image of Teemo's rework in League, which was nerfed
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)

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