The year was 2013 and the Fakerwho at the time was just another ranked monster, was trying his chance in the competitive world for SKT T1. The team then leaves the last choice on the red side to the mid laner, that’s when Faker first chose the Leblanc, and that’s how today’s story begins. Welcome to TBT do LoL.

(Photo: Riot Games)

Faker makes Deft and MVP Blue surrender after 20 minutes

You didn’t read it wrong: at that time it was legal to give FF, but did you imagine that Deft could have been one of the guys to surrender? Well, that really happened! Let’s remember the stars of this match?

What were the teams at the time?

With a cast made up of Cheonju, ChuNyang, Easyhoon, Deft e FLahm, the MVP Blue team would face SKT T1, which had in its squad: Impact, Night, Faker, Piglet, PoohManDu. This SKT squad would later become world champions.

After photo, Faker versus Easyhoon
In the photo, the duel between midlaners Faker and Easyhoon, who later became allies (Image: Reproduction/Social Networks)

How was the game in which Faker made history?

Well, before starting with the game, can you guess who the champions are? Or where does each one go? Check out the draft:

In the photo the choices between SKT T1 against MVP Blue in 2013
(Image: Reproduction/Youtube)

In the image we have, in the choices:

  • MVP Blue: Elise (Jungle), Caitlyn (ADC), Karthus (Mid), Jayce (Top) e office (Support).
  • SKT T!: Shen (Top), The nose (Jungle), Sona (Support), Varus (ADC) e LeBlanc (Mid).

At that time, the famous reversal of routes was carried out. To explain roughly: it was a tactic to take towers faster and so the jungle could play for anyone who was going to take pressure anyway.

In the photo, the Easyhoon (Karthus) would take pressure from LeBlanc, So he goes to the bot where he will take equal pressure, but with less chance of dying and waits for the jungle

An example of a route reversal that was done in 2013
(Image: Reproduction/Youtube)

In this other print, Deft and his support go in the mid, as Caitlyn presses calmly and the objective is always to take resources from a Leblanc.

An example of a route reversal that was done in 2013
(Image: Reproduction/YouTube)

Faker and LB show up… and they won’t stop

The plan works relatively well: 6 minutes into the game, MVP Blue’s bot takes the first tower. However, Faker’s farm is fine. So, within the macro of the time, the bot that took the first tower gives up base and goes to another route: and in this “disinversion”, it was the end of the game.

Easyhoon arrives in the lane at 7 minutes and 57 seconds and in 19 seconds is soloed by Faker, which avoids the gank it would receive. And this is the Leblanc player’s first kill in his career.

In the photo, the first kill of Leblanc's Faker
You are witnessing the first kill of Faker’s LB (Image: Reproduction/Youtube)

And then Elise, instead of ganking, holds the lane for Easyhoon, and well, second slaughter. You know that famous saying “from now on, it’s only backwards?”, because that’s what happened in the rest of the game for MVP Blue.

AAfter 15 minutes of play, Faker already had 6 kills. Departure at 15:30 SKT T1 had a 7,000 gold lead (and Faker got another kill in those 30 seconds).

An example of a route reversal that was done in 2013
The match between SKT T1 x MVP Blue (Image: Reproduction/Youtube)

Faker 10/0 e surrender do time de Deft

At 20 minutes, after Faker’s SKT T1 took all the T2 towers, everyone gives B. Then MVP Blue goes for the desperate strategy of trying for a Baron and they are stopped right there. Easyhoon ults in hopes of getting a kill on Faker, who was 10/0, but he comes out alive. Check out the clip to see how much life Faker has left:

SKT T1 makes Barão, Deft dies and MVP Blue accepts a FF at 20 minutes. In Faker’s first performance with LB, the result was a withdrawal on competitive soil. You can watch the full game below:

Faker and LB, a success story

Leblanc and Faker have a very long love story: Leblanc is the 4th most GOAT champion and has 50 wins in 61 matches. However, she had a team, in 2015, that was able to stop Leblanc in an MSI final. Who? As? I will answer you in one next LoL TBT.

Image of FAker, player who should enter the LoL Hall of Fame
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)


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