CBOLÃO took place last weekend and for the first time we had a completely foreign team, made up of players who don’t play in Brazil participating in the championship.

No 2 in 1 Podcast, Spica, Palafox e Flanalista commented on the confrontation against the Eternal Protagonists, in addition to which they thought were the best monochampions they faced.

For Flanalista, the Eternal Protagonists are the best monochampions

I’m sure that… and this is no excuse, but the team of single champions that we faced was much better and not just the players even on an individual level, but also about the composition of the team.

Because Berg’s team, Keio, I don’t remember mono Vladimir’s name. Nicklink. Kina. But like, all these guys. Ah, it was Nicklink, not Berg at the top. Yes, it was Nicklink, Keio, Courtesy, Kina… and Hanabi. They are better players and also the champion composition is better than the team we played first.

Palafox comments on facing Kina in the mid lane

And actually, I was thinking about what champion I wanted to play and they could use Lux and Yasuo as a flex, so that got me thinking. What do I choose? He knows? So I was trying to look at it from all angles and I kind of wanted to get Yasuo, but like, this is the champion of one of them.

Spica comments on the strategy they used to beat Full Clear Mentality

I mean, for the first match, I think it was pretty easy to prepare. Because the Champions they were going to use were very one-dimensional and were all melee champions. So I knew we would have to get things like Lillia, who is a very good champion against close range champions. And then we could take a control mage and play slower, ranged compositions, and there would be nothing they could do.

But it’s like Sam said, the second composition was very difficult to prepare against, you know? Because the Champions they were using are actually good Champions. Jax is always pick or ban, Rakan is very good currently, Yasuo and Lux ​​can work, and I just mentally blocked Evelynn. So yeah, we couldn’t really understand how to better counter their composition and obviously they played very well too.

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